Minecon registration site opens TODAY!

MinecraftChick’s first blog post at Mojang’s website was to announce that the Minecon registration website is going to open today at 6pm Central European Time (9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 5pm BST). And yes, if you click the link, it says the site opens “tomorrow” – but that’s because she posted it on Wednesday, and I was just late in reporting it 😛

Click here to go to the registration site!

Since it’s the first event that Mojang’s held of this nature, none of them are sure how fast the tickets will sell out. How much are they, you say? Well, the “early-bird” price is $99 – $9 more than when Notch polled people to see if they’d go to a Minecon in Vegas. I don’t know if the use of the term “early-bird” suggests there will be more tickets at even higher prices. Time will tell, I suppose. On the site, you’ll also be able to find the special rates that Mojang has secured for the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the launch site for Minecraft’s full release.

As for the first 500 people to register, they’ll be entered into a draw to win the Ultimate Fan Experience… So if you can afford the whole trip, get yourself to the site (wherever that may be…)

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One Response to Minecon registration site opens TODAY!

  1. Woohoo! I got my ticket! 😀


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