Minecraft sales hit THREE MILLION!

At 6.12am EDT today, Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan (@Kappische on Twitter) announced

We are over 3 000 000 sold copies now! Minecrafter ❤

He also excitedly added:

SO AMAZING! I remember last year when I started, @notch and I anticipated how many copies we could sell. Was far less than 3 million

I suspect that few people would have predicted that Minecraft would have hit one million, let alone three… and without ‘traditional’ advertising, either. And add to that the fact that the game is selling well before it hits full release, and that would have made people even more sceptical. For all its detractors (and there are, sadly, many), Mojang continues to go onwards and upwards – and I’m thrilled for Notch, Jeb and the gang!

And for those of you without Spotify accounts and therefore can’t listen to the celebratory track that Daniel then tweeted:

@notch this one is for you mister!! open.spotify.com/track/1qZMPmpD… =D

… you can listen to the track he chose, on YouTube: Swedish House Mafia featuring Pharrell – One (Your Name) 🙂 Just one of those small research services your humble Scribe provides 🙂

Notch’s response:


Here’s to the next million? 😀

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