The saga with the Enderman continues with these tweets from Notch – first was this one:

Game design 101! 1: Post screenshot of new mob. 2: Read speculation. 3: Implement the cool stuff, pretend it was the plan all along. #lost

followed by

But seriously, thank you for the amazing ideas! 😀

Oh my goodness, what have we done??? If Notch is being serious, then the Minecraft community is responsible for creating the ideas behind the Enderman’s behaviour… Don’t look at me, I was just reporting on what the Redditors said! 😛

Knowing our luck, Notch probably wasn’t even planning on using the mob at all, but threw the pic up on Google+ to see what our reactions would be, just in case – and was given a load of ideas! *facepalm*

OK, if Notch ever does this again, nobody say ANYTHING!

Oh… and my response to his tweet?

@notch Then I’m definitely NOT telling you about the other mob idea I had!! 😛

A few people already know about it, because I mentioned it in a Google Hangout, and I thought it could be just as problematic, if not more so, than the Enderman… and one or two people agreed… But I don’t want to be hated by the Minecraft community! *runs for cover* 😛

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