Mineopoly: Mind = Blown

One recurring thought of mine about the Minecraft community is that there seems to be no end to their ingenuity – and Teddanator highlighted one particularly impressive example of this when she tweeted about a working Monopoly board in Minecraft, demonstrated on YouTube… (NSFW: language advisory for the comments.)

The incredible, redstone-powered Mineopoly board

The incredible, redstone-powered Mineopoly board, created by oliverissocool1 and teapoted.

This incredible creation – Mineopoly – has been put together by oliverissocool1 and teapoted (who jokingly claims that “this is the new Adventure Mode…”). Players push a button to ‘roll’ the redstone-powered die (unlike the two dice used in regular Monopoly), and then a minecart, used to mark the position on the board, is moved – again via the use of redstone circuitry – to the updated position! That button push also updates for each relevant player in turn.

The block-stacking system used to denote the players' money.

The block-stacking system used to denote the players' money. Push a button to add money, and blocks drop onto the stack. Push another to remove it, and the blocks drop through the bottom.

A banker is needed to control the money supply, to ensure fair play… and that money supply is shown via four stacks which add and remove blocks as needed with the pushing of the relevant buttons. The other reason for having a banker is that to create the money system in redstone would take up way too much space…

Trying to figure out redstone circuits for myself always makes my head spin, so to see a creation like this is completely mind-blowing. I also have to admit to being a little bit jealous of their ability… 😉

The guys are still in need of Minecraft-related names for the property squares (they’ve asked for submissions via the YouTube comments or on Reddit), and they still have to add the jail system and decoration, but what they’ve done so far is utterly amazing! Go check it out!

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  1. Albarel says:

    If you like this, you should like my Minecraft Clue! 🙂



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