The End(erman) Is Nigh…

As the leaks about Beta 1.8 flow out of Mojang faster than water from a hydroelectric dam with a bad safety record, one seemingly innocuous sentence and one screenshot from Notch via Google+ put the Minecraft community into change-of-underwear-strength panic.

Meet the Endermen (named in reference to the Slender Man Internet meme):


The Endermen. Oh noooooooooo...

(There’s a Photoshop-enhanced version over at the Minecraft Wiki.)

Tall, dark, slender and OH MY GOD THEY’RE CARRYING BLOCKS

The thing is, how did they get ‘em, and what will they do with ‘em? Three possibilities spring to mind:

  • They use them as weapons;
  • They build with them;
  • They destroy your buildings

Out of all of those, the last one seems to have the greatest consensus on Reddit (NSFW: language), and it’s possibly the scariest, if it comes true… Imagine your once-impregnable fortress being slowly dismantled, block by block… You won’t have a hiding place any more…

For that matter, if it is a destructive mob, it’s going to make a joke of your glorious builds on Creative/Survival SMP servers… *facepalm* I seriously hope that some cunning mod-writer can prevent block damage, even if only in regions protected by, for example, WorldGuard… otherwise our builds are going to be endangered! 😛

As I put it in a tweet yesterday:

Why DO we Minecraftians have to be in thrall to a programmer who enjoys scary games? :O #changeofundies

Can’t we get Notch into, say, Hello Kitty Online or something?1 😉

1 Please note that I don’t actually play HKO myself 😛

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7 Responses to The End(erman) Is Nigh…

  1. Levy says:

    My guess is that they will probably only pick up natural blocks that they can stand on, like grass, sand, possibly rock. Notch also said they will rearrange blocks too. My guess is that the Enderman mob is an attempt to make the creepy mob a reality. It’s Minecraft’s official Herobrine. Stares at you with white eyes, teleports around when you aren’t looking, doesn’t attack until you look directly at it. It’s myth become reality.


  2. Jafacha says:

    At least if your on peaceful it can’t bother you. Right?…


  3. FaZexTeMpErZz says:

    bro just walk right up to it looking at the ground then drop the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] with a diamond sword

    (Note: this post was edited for language by me. Astragali)


  4. Kenzie says:

    I play Minecraft with my boyfriend, he got for me for Valentine’s Day (Romantic Right? Lol) and out of all the things there (Creepers/Spiders/Zombies) These tall dudes scare the hell out of both of us! they’re just wayy to creepy!!!


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