Paradise, regained!

A little after 11pm EDT last night, I was chilling out on the Pretzelcast server with thecrystalcrow (‘Crystal’) and Sedated2000 (‘Sed’) when a tweet came through from Minecrap’s Head Admin, alefnull:

ATTN: All @Minecrap server members – A special surprise awaits! log on right now:

… and you may find this hard to believe, but I figured I knew what it was already – though I needed to check to be certain:

<Astragali> omg brb

Quickly switching over to the Minecrap server, I found my theory was, indeed, correct:


To some Minecrafters, this might not seem like such a big deal, but to me – and the rest of the Minecrap regulars – it was… and when I returned to the Minecrap server with Crystal in tow, a whole host of us were logged on, becoming very emotional to see everything back the way it was, before 1.6… And indeed, the admins weren’t immune to the significance of the event:

<alefnull> *sigh*
<alefnull> feels good to set /home again

(… or words extremely close to those, at any rate :D)

I was certainly welling up as I was showing Crystal around the myriad builds that our awesome server members had created over hundreds, if not thousands, of Minecrafters’ hours 🙂 I didn’t even remember everything I’d planned to show Crystal, after nearly two hours of just being bounced around the landscape, not unlike one of Doctor Who’s erstwhile assistants, she left the server with mind blown and head spinning 😉

Meanwhile, Twitter was going a little nuts amongst the Minecrap Minecrafters (all times EDT):

@zaco619, 11.09pm: WOOT Log on to @minecrap nao!

@minecrap, 11.09pm: All whitelisted users of the Minecrap server connect NOW we have a big surprise!

@minecrap, 11.10pm: Yes YES the main map is BACK BABY!!!

@kalen_nighteyes, 11.11pm: @minecrap SWEET!!! 😀

@GrimGary, 11.20pm: @minecrap Good work ole chap! =)

@minecrap, 11.21pm: All the whitelisters come on and connect to the Minecrap server. The main map is back!

@alefnull, 11.40pm: @hojjoshMC NOW the main map is back up 😉

@Bar_Barian, 11.50pm: @minecrap @alefnull agh! I won’t be home for nearly an hour 😦

@Astragali, 11.53pm: To have the @Minecrap main map back at last is such a joyous occasion 😀 THANK YOU, Bit and @alefnull!

@alefnull, 11.59pm: @Bar_Barian @minecrap no worries buddy, it ain’t goin’ nowhere 😛

@Bar_Barian, 12.08am: @alefnull @minecrap since I was in #spawn I didn’t realize that the old map _was_ the surprise hehe… I’ll be there shortly 😀

@alefnull, 12.30am: @AvidyaUS @minecrap main map is back up 😛 we’re having a party lol

@Bar_Barian, 12.33am: @alefnull @AvidyaUS @minecrap and I’m about 15-20 minutes from joining them

@AvidyaUS, 12.35am: @alefnull @minecrap oh nice 🙂

@ethan_cherry, 12.35am: #minecrap main map is back up! Thank you so much @alefnull & @minecrap.

@zaco619, 1.10am: Really awesome build ideas for the @minecrap server, but first, sleep!

@minecrap, 1.21am: Ahh the entrance to Rome is really cool from here. So great to have the main map back 🙂

BitBurner's view of the entrance to "Rome".

BitBurner's view of the entrance to "Rome". He's right, you know... it is really cool from that viewpoint (or, indeed, any viewpoint).

@jessartisan, 1.46am: So excited to be back on the main map! Thank you @minecrap and @alefnull ❤

@Zen604, 1.46am: @minecrap HUG! main map whooo!~

@Imperialistic_, 2.42am: #Minecrap Epic Main Map back in business! Thank you @minecrap @alefnull 😀

… and there’ll most likely be more – especially when shroomgirl learns the awesome news about the server being back up! 😉

For my part, even though my venturing onto other SMP servers had partly come about through the extended hiatus on Minecrap, I won’t be abandoning those new locations… especially as I requested not to have mod powers on those servers, because it’s a lovely change to play legit every now and then (well, apart from /tp and /home, that is…).

There’s still some fixing up to be done back from the Woolpocalypse, but that shouldn’t take too long. And perhaps alefnull or BitBurner might be willing to load my Catan schematic onto the Minecrap server, so I can put it alongside shroomgirl’s board games, as I’d planned to do originally…

Of course, the return of the Minecrap main map has brought up a familiar problem, for Teddanator and I: “What are we going to build now?” 😉

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