Get +1 to your Awesome roll with these dice…

It’s known amongst a good number of people that I’m a dice collector – the more unusual, the better (even if I don’t always play the games to which the dice belong). With this in mind, RPGamer99, Bar_Barian and alefnull pointed me in the direction of the one known as Dicecreator, aka Abraham Nedderman (links: Dicecreator’s blog; Google+ page).

Dicecreator (his preferred handle, over his real name) makes simply stunning artisan-created dice, and his blog is really worth a look; I narrowly avoided shorting out my keyboard with drool 😉 Amongst the creations you’ll find there are dice based on Portal, JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, and even (just for kicks) one with cellphone-style battery-charge symbols!1

So what the heck is this all doing on The Minecraft Scribe? Well, Dicecreator is looking to Mojang for permission to create and sell these dice, for the Fudge roleplaying-game system:


Dicecreator's awesome "redstone" Fudge dice.

Dicecreator's awesome Minecraft-related Fudge dice, using redstone for the game's plus and minus symbols. WANT.

… and it was suggested by RPGamer99 that I could throw together a blog post, highlighting Dicecreator’s work in the hopes that I could help get the word out to the Minecraft community. So, after having calmed down my desire-created shaking and gibbering, I was happy to oblige – though it should be pointed out to Dicecreator that he might end up with more than a handful of orders, if there are a good number of Minecraft-playing dice collectors out there…

Additionally, I’ve found – from an occasion when I sought permission to refer to Minecraft in a novel – that Notch passed on my request to Carl Manneh… so when this blog post is tweeted out, it’ll be heading Carl’s way, too 🙂

I could also easily see more complex Minecraft-based dice, if someone was to come up with a Minecraft dice game… Mind = blown!

Anyway, good luck to Dicecreator – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! 😀

1 Dice-collector-nerd note to Dicecreator, by the way: You commented on your blog that the d10 version of your “battery” die is a little hard to read… Perhaps a d6 version might be more useful 🙂

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5 Responses to Get +1 to your Awesome roll with these dice…

  1. RPGamer99 says:

    After being revived by paramedics, I’ve returned to life from the heart attack of finding out I was in somone’s blog. It was my first time, so needless to say I was shocked/insanely happy to have been mentioned. *Cheers* Astra! And wonderful prose again. You have a sub’scribe’r for life.



  2. Abraham says:

    Mind = blown.

    Just as PRGamer99 said, Thanks for the mention, I hope that someone at Mojan reads it, even if they deny the permission, at least we will have tried to do it!

    Thanks a lot!!!!!


  3. Abraham says:

    sorry I forgot to add:

    I’ll do the D6 battery test just for you ^_^


  4. Riltend says:

    After reading this scribe, which has been written by an enthusiastic dice-collector, I kinda feel like I need my own pair of super awesome dices! (well, more than a pair actually… but I’ll start with 2)


  5. bitzky says:

    Oh this is awesome :O Do I dare…. moomin dices? Although those are probably trademarked 😦


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