TWO ways to win a JINX code from The Shaft Podcast!

If you were listening to The Shaft episode 42 yesterday (if you missed it, fear not – the episode’s up already on their site), you’ll have heard Brent talking about the JINX code giveaway, aimed at Facebook users. It’s a two-step process:

  • Like JINX Clothing on Facebook; and
  • Email an audio clip for Excavation Station or Listener Contributions.

Five lucky winners chosen at random will receive a $15 JINX gift-certificate code, which can be used for any items which aren’t on sale.

But not everyone has Facebook (I certainly don’t)… However, since the release of the episode, there’s been an update! An additional two $15 JINX codes will be given to people who do the following two steps (and again, the people will be randomly chosen):

  • Sign up for the JINX Newsletter; and
  • Email a Minecraft Tip for a new segment that’s being planned by The Shaft.

When you’re emailing, please use either the email links on The Shaft’s contest page – helpfully reproduced here, in those email links above – because the links automatically include the relevant subject line (“JINX Contest1” or “JINX Contest2”). Of course, if you want to expend the extra effort, you could just email them the normal way, and laboriously type out the subject lines yourself 😛

Oh, yes… if you’re so inclined, The Shaft guys say that you can enter both contests!

Good luck!

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2 Responses to TWO ways to win a JINX code from The Shaft Podcast!

  1. Oxyligen says:

    Yeah, i won one. Thanks to you, because i read about it here.
    i DO listen to the Podcast but i am behind (just about to listen to eps 42 🙂


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