More leaks from Notch about 1.8

OK, I’ll freely admit that I’m not entirely up-to-date with goings-on in the world of Minecraft. That’s not great, when part of this blog relates to news, but then I’m not usually given breaking news directly – and after I got a new email address and everything… Anyway, I found this particular item quite by accident, as a result of an email I was sent, asking me to check out something else (which I still haven’t found *facepalm*)…

While paying a visit to Minecraft Forums to hunt down the info I’d been given, I saw a link to this IGN article from July 13, detailing an interview with Notch about many things, including the 1.8 update. Aside from a rather cute picture of a sheep (no, really), Notch leaked a couple more details about the planned additions which will form The Adventure Update…

First up: melons. Yes, you read that correctly – melons. We’ll have the ability to farm melons and, by extension, pumpkins; after they reach a certain size, a new one will spawn randomly in a vacant adjacent space.

Erm… why? Aren’t there enough food options in the game already? Now, if you could use melons and pumpkins as weapons… Sorry, sorry, been getting a little excited by Garry’s Mod, I suppose 😉

Still, it’s possible that the additional farming options could be useful for what Notch also revealed about NPC villages: you can choose to either help them, or destroy them… If there’s going to be some sort of economy in the game – and if The Adventure Update is intended to bring Minecraft closer to the RPG that Notch originally envisioned, an economy is a must – being able to farm items could be a useful source of income, if you’re able to sell them to the villagers. Assuming there are any villagers around, after you’ve ransacked their homes and burned them to the ground…

Oh, yeah… one thing I almost missed: In the new Creative Mode, you’ll be able to fly, without having to resort to using Single Player Commands (SPC) in SSP. In SMP, admins will be able to set the flying ability on a per-user basis, so if they were so inclined, they could enable mods and other admins to navigate the map with ease, and tackle those naughty griefers. Given that I started using SPC in order to quickly get around my Catan build, the ability to fly while building is definitely useful. It certainly wouldn’t have gone amiss while building Rainbow Cove on the Minecrap server, either (I’m looking at you, alefnull!)1

Is anyone keeping a running list of Notch’s leaks? 😉

1 Ooh, look at that. I mentioned alefnull after all 😉

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One Response to More leaks from Notch about 1.8

  1. Riltend says:

    At the forum I’m admin on, we have a news section + in the news discussion we try to have an up-to-date list (with screenshots).

    But we often miss things as well ^^

    From here:

    I do my best to keep things tidy!


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