Dearly beloved…

Thanks to Nosirrah, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing AshRossy and his fiancée makefile for a little while now. So on Monday, I was pleased to join them and a group of friends to take part in AshRossy and makefile’s Minecraft wedding, on AshRossy’s server, ahead of the real-life event on July 18 😀

So, at 10pm UK time, the happy couple were accompanied by myself, shroomgirl, Teddanator, Dark_Ankh, Ironfruit, Bethness, Nosi, miss_evil, zaco619, jessartisan and Imperialistic for the festivities, with everyone decking themselves out in newly-designed skins for the occasion. All the men were wearing their very best digital suits, even me – my Pac-Man & Ghost skin, which I hardly ever change, was left behind just this once. Ironfruit went all-out and added a gold monocle to his skin, which was rather impressive… Meanwhile, the ladies were sporting a delightful array of pixellated fashions.

After admiring each other’s skins (some of which had been designed by Teddy), we then had a few minutes of chaos while we tried to figure out just exactly what should happen at one of these shindigs. And, for that matter, who should be officiating… I was under the impression that it was going to be Imperialistic (since I’d declined), but it ended up being me anyway – and with no service written, I had to quickly dive onto the Internet to try to find a suitable one that I could ad-lib around! Thankfully, I didn’t hold things up, and I found this one that I could play with.1 Meanwhile, the rest of the group were sorting out other bits and pieces, such as what should be used as a substitute for a ring (seriously, Notch, you really need to have rings included in Minecraft, for this type of occasion! ;)); they went with gold ingots in the end, and stone buttons for the “ring box”.2

Eventually, we got things under way. AshRossy and Nosi (the best man) and I waited by the altar for makefile to come down the aisle (wearing a chain-mail helmet, because miss_evil rather cleverly pointed out that it looks like a wedding veil), while shroomgirl went ahead, spreading… well, mushrooms… and Ironfruit recorded the event for posterity.

AshRossy waits nervously for his bride, makefile.

AshRossy waits for his bride, makefile. If he's nervous, he's doing a good job of keeping it under wraps.

After something of an awkward pause because I wasn’t certain when I was supposed to start speaking (and I could hardly take a cue!), I read out, and lightly improvised around, the wedding script. Judging from the participants’ tweets later on in the day, I didn’t mess things up, which is a blessed relief considering that, after the bride and groom themselves, I pretty much had the biggest part!

Flowers and mushrooms abound on the cathedral floor after the wedding.

Flowers and mushrooms abound on the cathedral floor after the wedding. Who's going to clear that lot up, I want to know? (Turned out to be me...)

From the cathedral (built some weeks earlier, mostly by Teddy but accompanied by a number of us, every now and then), we proceeded to the wedding cake – a vast, beautiful creation put together by Bethness:

makefile and AshRossy stood atop Bethness' magnificent wedding cake.

makefile and AshRossy stood atop Bethness' magnificent wedding cake.

I don’t suppose there have been many couples who have been their own cake decorations… 😉

But after taking a few pictures, how to cut the cake? Silly question, really:

'Cutting' the cake.

'Cutting' the cake. Knives? We don't need no stinkin' knives - not when TNT is enabled! Good thing the couple weren't still standing up there when the blast went off! (Bethness, the cake's creator, approved of the detonation, by the way.)

I think there were a few comments saying that they wished it was possible to deal with the real-life wedding cake in the same way. Erm… perhaps not, guys?

Having successfully laid waste to the cake, the revellers moved on to the dance area (created by Farmer_Bo, so I’m given to understand), where AshRossy and makefile took the floor for the first dance:

makefile and AshRossy take the floor for the traditional first dance.

makefile and AshRossy take the floor for the traditional first dance - on a somewhat less-than-traditional dance floor. With cake.

… after which everyone else joined in, with what few approximations of dance moves that Minecraft’s programming permitted!

With Teddy wanting to take a couple of pics of everyone outside the cathedral, we all headed back over there, and after she took her pics for her Photobucket album of the event, I quickly switched places with her so that we could have pictures with her featured:

The wedding party, outside the cathedral.

The wedding party, outside the cathedral. Left to right: shroomgirl, Astragali, Teddanator, Dark_Ankh, Bethness, Nosi, miss_evil, zaco619, Ironfruit, jessartisan and Imperialistic. I'm not sure if the egg was standing in for anyone.

And then… chaos ensued when AshRossy decided to spawn a few hundred flowers, lagging the server badly. I logged out, but couldn’t get back in – and it turns out that this was the reason (thanks, Ironfruit!):

Thousands of mushrooms, spawned by Ironfruit.

Ironfruit does his bit to lag the server beyond belief, by spawning thousands of mushrooms outside the cathedral. (Pic credit: shroomgirl, delirious from seeing so much fungi in one place ;))

Still, a great time was had by all, thanks to everyone who attended, and thanks also to AshRossy and makefile for inviting me! 😀 May your real wedding go even better (and lag-free ;))!

1 While writing this post, I learned that the script was released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Licence, so that’s a relief!

2 Anyone who doubts the logic of this should remind themselves that in Minecraft, you can fit a chest inside a chest… 😛

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