Minecraft Theory – FOR SCIENCE!

If you’re still getting to grips with the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of Minecraft, you could do a lot worse than subscribing to the Half-Bakes’ YouTube channel… They’ve teamed up with Nosirrah (aka Nosi) to create Minecraft Theory, a series of machinima shorts explaining the workings of the game – at the time of writing, two episodes (Pistons and Light) have been released, with a third in production. The playlist for the series, incidentally, can be reached directly by clicking these words here 🙂

The episodes clip along at a decent pace without being confusing, and the trio share voice-over duties for the script. Speaking of the script, it’s well-written, and quickly and concisely explains what you need to know about the featured topic. So far, the comments on both videos have been very positive, with a number of people remarking that the series has revealed things about Minecraft that they weren’t previously aware of 😀 And the three of them have been on the receiving end of kudos from Minecraft luminaries such as Avidya, Coestar and Eric Fullerton – so they must be doing something right!

Ironfruit, Bethness and Nosi in Minecraft Theory

Ironfruit, Bethness and Nosi, demonstrating pistons in Minecraft Theory. If you watch the clip from which this shot is taken, Nosi also appears to have scant regard for gravity 😉

The sets are simple, and very effective – no extraneous detail to distract from the factual information – and the science theme is set off very nicely with Nosi, Bethness and Ironfruit (or rather, his doubles – more on that below) dressed up in goggles (safety first!) and pristine white lab coats.

It’s only fair to say a few words about the excellent assistance that Ironfruit, Bethness and Nosi have had in the making of Minecraft Theory (credit where it’s due, and all). SamCube – creator of the web comic Wondercraft – has been supplying the delightful artwork for the opening title cards, while jessartisan created the walrus picture which the Half-Bakes adopted as the closing title card (and the plummy, jowly voice of the walrus was provided by someone with whom you may be familiar… ;)). Additionally, jessartisan and Thefre have doubled as Ironfruit (since he’s the one actually doing the recording), while Teddanator and Imperialistic have been lending their building expertise to help create the sets. I think it’s great when Minecrafters are so well-liked that their friends are more than willing to contribute to a project 😀

The only potential downside I can see – though it’s not much of one – is that as Minecraft advances inexorably towards November’s release date, changes may result which invalidate the existing videos! Let’s hope that things don’t change too much!

Even if you’re a veteran of the game, I strongly recommend you go and take a look at Minecraft Theory – and you might learn something you didn’t know you didn’t know… And remember, this isn’t just for Minecraft – this is FOR SCIENCE!

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