The (long) run-up to The Adventure Update…

It looks like Notch and Jeb are going all-out with The Adventure Update, presumably in an effort to bring Minecraft closer to the RPG that Notch originally intended. And just to illustrate how big they plan the Beta 1.8 release to be, they have a logo for it and everything:

The fancy-schmancy new logo for Minecraft's Adventure Update. Let's hope the update's as impressive as the logo...

Notch said on his blog, and Google+, that there’s a list of over 40 things that he and Jeb want to add to the game, most of which are secret… at the moment. Notch also added that he and Jeb will periodically leak some information about the update – partly to maintain interest in the game, but also to stop the pair of them going nuts. (I am never going to ask them to organise a surprise party… :P)

The most interesting part of Notch’s post is that this will most likely be the last content update before November’s release; after 1.8 will come “tweaks, optimizations and code cleanups”. In general terms, 1.8 will bring “more content, more exploration, more things to do, and interesting combat!” sez Notch.

What has been leaked so far by the duo is this:

  • NPC villages
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • New biome code
  • Fully working Creative Mode (and individual admins can enter Creative Mode on a Survival Mode server if they choose)
  • Critical hits
  • Sprinting
  • More farming options

In BebopVox’s Minecraft Mondays episode 19, BebopVox speculated that it could be that the Millénaire mod that’s being worked into the main game, to provide the NPC villages and trading system. Although I’ve not actually used the mod myself, I had a quick nose at the mod’s wiki (that’s where you’ll head if you click the Millénaire link in this paragraph), and it looks very impressive… I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was the source of the inclusion, although I obviously have no idea for certain 🙂

Oh, yes: Mojang does have a release date planned for 1.8, and Notch says that as soon as he can release that information, he will! Which brings me rather nicely to my next point; it’s like I planned it, or something…

If you want to get the most up-to-date information about 1.8 (or as Notch puts it, “spoilers”), the best thing you can do is check out Notch and Jeb’s Twitter streams (though I suspect most people in the Minecraft community do that anyway), and their new-fangled Google+ pages (Notch’s page; Jeb’s page). Note that it appears that you don’t need to have Google+ in order to view their pages (I certainly don’t have it, and I don’t intend to*, but I can see their pages when I click the links).

I hope that there will still be at least a couple of surprises left to be discovered when the update arrives, though… as fun as it is to write about what’s being planned…

* I spew out a mass of stuff onto this blog and Twitter, already; no sense to me in adding yet another social network (and I have enough trouble keeping up with the tweets of those I follow)… 😛 I don’t do the Facebook thing, either. I changed my mind 😉

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