Phew… My Catan build is finished!

Phew! After goodness-knows-how-many hours, I’ve finally completed my Minecraft-based rendition of The Settlers of Catan, dedicated to the awesome shroomgirl!

The Settlers of Catan board, oblique view.

The Settlers of Catan board, oblique view. Finished, at long last.

There were quite a few foul-ups which had me gnashing my teeth, and I gave myself a lot of extra work in the final stages, when I decided to change the border around the outside edge from stone to water, but overall, I think it’s turned out pretty well 😀

The Settlers of Catan, overhead view.

An overhead view of the board. I didn't do the dice - please feel free to imagine those.

I did have to resort to some compromises. Because of the way the port hexes’* question marks and numbers turned out when rotated through multiples of 60°, I realized it wouldn’t be a good idea to attempt the same with the resource symbols – but I also felt that having them all the “right way up” would look wrong. Instead, I decided to fill the circles on the port hexes with the relevant Minecraft blocks. It doesn’t work out so well for the iron ore, because the details blur away when up in the air, but it was the best I could think of. And, for identical reasons, all the houses on the board are in the horizontal position.

Close-up of The Robber, houses and roads.

Close-up of The Robber, houses and roads.

Minecraft lends itself very well to producing an appropriately-themed rendition of Catan, because all the resources used in the board game are available in Minecraft 🙂

One of the wheat hexes, close up.

Up close and almost personal at one of the wheat hexes. I had four of these bloody things to do, along with the circle on the port hex. That'll teach me...

Once again, I had to use the Extreme Increase View Distance mod (note that it doesn’t appear to have been updated for 1.7 – I switched back to 1.6.6 one last time, before I even found out that there wasn’t a version for the newest Minecraft Beta), and it took quite a bit of time to have it all render, even on the Normal distance. This isn’t an indictment of the mod – it’s my PC which is “at fault” (it’s old, poor thing – it doesn’t deserve to have its processor thrashed about in this way!). Because of the length of time taken to do the render – and a lot of flying about was involved, in an effort to speed up the process – I only had enough patience to render the hexes themselves, along with a little of the water on the outside border. Sorry!

I think that, if I was to try this sort of massive-scale build again, I’ll wait until I have a better machine!

UPDATE: After I was asked for a copy of the WorldEdit schematic, I’ve now made it available for download at my GoogleDocs page! Please be warned, however, that even though the schematic’s file size is only 34K, the region is in the order of two million blocks, so you’re going to be a bit laggy for a while after you paste it in!

* Picture credit: Patrick Grogan, on the Board Game Geek website (

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8 Responses to Phew… My Catan build is finished!

  1. Jess says:


    ❤ jessartisan


  2. Wow that is TRULY EPIC (I’m beginning to think Welshpixie is a bad influence on me and I’m epically overusing the epic epicness of the epic word Epic!)

    But in this instance I let it stand! this is Epic in both scale and concept. I can’t even begin to think of constructions of this size. It’s not a game I’m familiar with , but I may have to check it out now!

    Keep up the great builds / Posts !!

    The Minecraft Geek.


  3. shroomgirl says:

    WOOOOOT! It looks truly fantastic, Astra! I give you a virtual cookie and pat on the back.
    I am a little worried about you though….
    “An overhead view of the board. I didn’t do the dice – please feel free to imagine those.”
    Are you feeling ok? 🙂 I figured the dice would be the first thing you made! 😛
    I think you should put this in the Minecrap server over in the board game area!


    • You know, it wasn’t until I was writing this article that I realised I’d forgotten to include the dice! As it is, it turns out that I can’t introduce an SSP schematic into an SMP map if I don’t have access to the server. Which I don’t – but that’s good from the point of view of not accidentally borking things… 😛


  4. Gabe6196 says:

    Dude, this is truly epic, and thank you for adding the schematic by my request lolz, my brother is gonna flip when he sees this, then he’ll probably beat me in minecraft as he does when we play tabletop lolz, oh well, with a shot trying to beat him in my own element lol


  5. Laura says:

    Wow, this is fantastic, and I don’t even PLAY Minecraft (little time and even less patience-Terraria is as close as I get, and blame Jesse Cox&TotalBiscuit for that bit of a time stealer)… Glad geekandsundry tweeted it. I love seeing what people manage to do in Minecraft. Makes me jealous!


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