HitmarkerVS Giveaway!

HitmarkerVS, the most recent additions to my “One to Watch” category, were recently awarded a well-deserved YouTube Partnership… congratulations! But they’re not the type to simply bask in the glory of their achievement; they want to give something back to their fans. So, they’re doing a giveaway for their subscribers!

If you’re a subscriber to their YouTube channel – and you really should be, because Tiff and Ben’s* videos are excellent, especially the Prophecy series – then you can be in with a chance of winning either:

  • playing on a custom map with Tiff and Ben, which will be recorded; or
  • your choice of either a Minecraft code or a Steam game (to the value of £10 – which works out at about $15).

You can enter for only one of the choices (no greediness, please!), and you can do so by leaving a comment on the giveaway video, telling them which prize you want to be entered for (and you must tell them, or you won’t be entered, because they won’t know which contest to place you in). Oh, if you plan to be in the running for the Steam game, you don’t need to tell them the specific game, yet – you can save all that hard decision-making for if you should actually win 😉 (Disclosure: I’ve entered to win a Steam game…)

Winners will be chosen at random, with Tiff and Ben recording the proceedings to show it’s all above board.

Sunday 17 July is the deadline for submitting your comments – good luck!

* Tiff and Ben had been calling themselves Oshawott and Tepig, respectively, but they felt they should change it to avoid copyright issues with Nintendo/Game Freak. Just so you know 🙂

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