Capture the Record 3 – sign up now!

As mentioned last week, Mhykol is hosting the third Capture the Record event (CTR3), on July 23, starting at 7pm Central (5pm PDT; 8pm EDT; 1am BST)… and now the sign-up form, and further details, are available on his site! If you want to be in the game, head on over there and fill out the form! Oh, and although it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be in the game, you’ll have a much better chance if you fill out the form rather than bugging Mhykol via other forms of communication (boundaries, people, boundaries!).

It’s worth taking some time (it won’t take long) to read the details before clicking the sign-up link, because Mhykol will be using Mirosta’s rather handy CTR plug-in! The plug-in adds a host of useful CTR-related features, very neatly taking care of the rules of the game… and it turns off creepers, too (phew!) 😀

Nothing else to add, really… so are you going to throw your hat into the ring? (I did…)

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One Response to Capture the Record 3 – sign up now!

  1. Mirosta says:

    Oh and creepers might not be turned off in the final thing, else no tnt…


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