Change of plan…

Throughout the past couple of weeks, there have been a few people who have been steadfastly trying to get me to accept money to cover my Internet bill, so that I could stay around. But I’ve been refusing, because

  • I have a conscience;
  • My friends are also not made of money.

(A friend who is literally made of money wouldn’t be a good idea, because if you’re pulling off their body parts, they’re not going to appreciate it. So if you ever get one, pull off and spend their arms and legs first, so they can’t escape. But I digress.)

Now, however, I’ve reluctantly changed my mind, mainly because of these tweets:

From AshRossy: @AstragaliUSA *Man-Hug* You are going to be sorely missed. Swallow your pride and accept our money damnit

Response from Imperialistic: @AshRossy @AstragaliUSA Agreed! I forgot to add Stubborn B*****d to my description! 😛

… and so I finally caved.

But as Teddy would (hopefully) testify, I’m still not happy about it, and I told her in our Skype call that I wish I hadn’t told them about alternate payment options. But I wasn’t going to change my mind back, because that would cause more aggravation, and I didn’t want that on my conscience, either.

So, I won’t be going offline, after all – thanks to everyone who donated; apologies to everyone who was put through the wringer; and if anyone tells me off for not accepting the money sooner, I’m going to go into the corner and suck my thumb…


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