Thank you.

Sometimes, things go on behind one’s back… and on rare occasions, they turn out to be amazing. One of those rare occasions was just a few minutes ago, when Nosi tweeted that he had something for me. It turned out to be this blog post.

I really appreciate that Nosi went to the trouble of not only telling me – and, naturally, anyone with the link – how he and I first met in the Minecraft community, but also solicited comments from more of my awesome friends, forming a chorus of people who will miss me when I leave the Internet tomorrow. Many of those comments contained information that I wasn’t previously aware of (such as the ones from Nosi and shroomgirl). And, no word of a lie, I did cry for a couple of minutes when I got to the end of the article.

Thank you, Nosi – and thanks to everyone who took the time to express their appreciation of me. One of my manifold faults is that I have a terrible desire to be liked – and the irony is that liking me seems to come easily to people. As a person with an incredibly low opinion of himself, it means so very much that there is a large group of people out there with much higher opinions of me. It may sound trite, but you all enrich my life in ways you probably don’t even realise.

Thank you.

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