A bitter pill…

I don’t intend for this post to become melodramatic, but if it does, I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m sad to report that this may be one of the last Minecraft Scribe posts for a while (possibly a long while) – owing to heavily straitened circumstances, I’m probably going to have to have my Internet connection cut off. I’ll most likely know for certain early next week.

I’d considered the possibility of this about two weeks ago, when I tweeted that my connection may be lost because I owe AT&T for the last bill. A few people generously offered to pay it, for which I was grateful, but I declined. And since my paycheck is about the same as the last one, I still can’t afford to pay – and in two weeks’ time, the next one is due. I’m also behind on my rent, and realistically, my Internet connection is a luxury.

I say “probably” in the first paragraph because, under Connecticut state law, I’m legally entitled to claim partial unemployment. Whether I’ll get it depends on the result of the Department of Labor’s calculations; the weekly unemployment benefit rate (from which the calculation is taken) has been steadily falling, owing to my wages falling. I’ll be attempting to file on Monday, and I should know what’s what after that.

The prospect hurts like hell – I’m part of a wonderful community of people whom I’ve come to love, admire and respect. I have some fantastic friends, and to have to leave them behind for a prolonged period of time is horrendous. I’ll still be able to check in from time to time, thanks to the local library, but it won’t be often – and I certainly won’t be able to keep up with events in Minecraft. I am attempting to find other employment (goodness knows I need a better-paid job!), but my skills are limited, and it’s uncertain how long it will take to get the hell away from where I am now.

Even if people were able to donate – and if I was actually willing to accept – I have no means of receiving the money anyway. A rather egregious error means that my bank account and my PayPal account were closed down on me a couple of years ago. In an ideal world, I could be sponsored – but although the readers of this blog are enthusiastic about my writings, my hit count is modest (about 100-150 per day), so I should imagine that the chances of being sponsored are remote.

If it should transpire, on Monday, that I have to ask AT&T to cut me off, I may have to pay a $100 deposit again when it comes to being reconnected; I’ll need to ask. But if they say that that is the case, it’ll most likely mean that my return to the Internet won’t occur until next February at the earliest – when my 2011 tax refund comes through.

As it is, you’ll either be able to reach me via the Minecraft Scribe email address, or my personal one if I gave it to you – but please don’t expect a speedy reply…

I’m going to stop now, because I can’t trust myself to continue and not sound like something out of a bad movie. But I will say: Thank you, to all of you who read the blog, and to those who follow my ramblings on Twitter, and via email. I will be back; I just don’t know when.

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One Response to A bitter pill…

  1. Sad to hear you’ll be going away so long. Hopefully you’ll get a better paying job soon and this entire post will be obsolete. Think positive!


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