Clear your schedules for Capture the Record 3!

In celebration of his (upcoming) 100th episode of “Mhykol Mines”, Mhykol has decided to step into SatoriLove’s shoes (not sure about the heels, Mhykol ;)) to host the third Capture the Record event! The date of this popular build-and-battle extravaganza is scheduled for Saturday 23 July 2011:

  • Build Phase: 7pm Central Daylight Time (5pm Pacific; 8pm Eastern; 1am UK BST);
  • Search-and-Battle Phase: 12am CDT (10pm Pacific; 1am Eastern; 6am UK BST).

For those of you not playing, the event will be livestreamed at The Spawn’s Livestream site, technology and the Interwebs permitting 🙂 So, Notch, if you can please avoid releasing any Minecraft updates too closely before that date, we’d be grateful! 😉 (Satori had to postpone CTR2 for a week because of the “fun” with 1.6!)

Mhykol, our genial host for CTR3.

Mhykol, our genial host for CTR3, with a friendly message for CTR players. (Note: he didn't actually say "BRING IT!" - I put those words in that balloon. I'm fairly certain he'd agree.)

The last two events have featured some of the biggest and best names in Minecraft, including Mhykol, MinecraftChick, MinecraftTeachr, Maz (aka extremebeyond), PretzelCast’s xwcg, jessartisan, Thefre, Avidya, SatoriLove, Madmommy, Teddanator, alefnull, dewtroid, BitBurner, JuneyBug, TiniestBit, Nosirrah, Imperialistic, hojjosh, The Half-Bakes’ Ironfruit and Bethness, The Guys from The Shaft Podcast, and many more! Oh, and some idiot called Astragali. Don’t worry, though – I haven’t got a strategy figured out for this one, so I can’t give away what I don’t have!

At the time of writing, the Internet location for the sign-up form hasn’t yet been released, but if you follow Mhykol on Twitter, he should be giving us that information very soon.

If you’re not familiar with how we play Capture the Record (really?), here’s a quick run-down:

Two teams, each possessing a record, have five hours to build an impregnable fortress within which their record will be hidden, inside a chest (and only a chest – no sneaking it into a furnace!). Why so long? Well, you’ve got to get all the materials first… legitimately… Oh, and you’re not allowed to attack the opposing team during this phase, either.

After the build phase, the wall separating the two build areas comes down, and the teams have to find the other’s record, while also fending off attacks from their opponents! When the record is found, it’s brought to the record player outside the arena, and played for all to hear…

If that description was a little too dry for you, head on over to YouTube and check out the special I Am Sux video by Maz – who also just happened to be the guy who won CTR2 for the Green Team… And I also blogged about the first and second CTR events, if you want to see what happened from my teams’ point of view (one winning side, one losing side, to date).

Anyway, get your game face on for 23 July… See you there! 😀

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16 Responses to Clear your schedules for Capture the Record 3!

  1. Heyo. This Capture the Record thing sounds like loads of fun, and although I am busy making money and working on a server I’m super excited to release, I hope I can join in. Is there a way I can get the IP? If you’d like, I can bring in a pretty well known minecraft youtuber (JoshJ5Hawk) with me. Email me please!


    • I made a mistake with the first version of this post (which I’ve since corrected). The server IP isn’t usually released until the day itself, only to those who have been whitelisted for the server.

      You won’t need to bring anyone along – just fill out the application when Mhykol publicises that it’s available to be filled out 😀


  2. FOr the sake of correcness, I had gotten my url wrong and have corrected this. I know this doesn’t matter but I’m a neat freak xD


  3. Mirosta says:

    I developed a bukkit plugin for CTR, you should see if it helps with the game, it does stuff like automatically check to make sure you’ve put a record in a chest by the end of the build time, has a gold and green team, filters chat to each team, but still allows cross team banter with a specific command, prevents the use of all but a set of whitelisted commands during the game, automatically enables and disables pvp, uses an extra world to play the game in(so you don’t mess up the original) and more. Have a quick peruse, will be uploading some example videos soon too,


  4. Nuk3d says:

    For the PDT times, they are 3 hours behind EDT, so 5pm and 10pm respectively. But yeah, it’s going to be awesome again.


    • Gah! Sorry about that, everyone! (I went from the CDT times, because I wasn’t thinking clearly…). I’ve corrected it in the post, now – thanks for pointing that out to me! 😀


      • Mirosta says:

        Yes but CDT is GMT -5, not GMT -4, which is 6 hours behind GMT +1, in fact if you look at mhykol’s post it says BST -6 🙂


      • It says “BST -6” on Mhykol’s post because I corrected him (he’d originally written “GMT -6”). As it is, in the hopes of avoiding more confusion, I’ve added “BST” into my description… 🙂

        GAH! Sorry! Now I realise my error… *facepalm* OK, it’s properly fixed, now – though it also means I’ve given out an incorrect time to the would-be player from Southern Africa! 😦


  5. Mirosta says:

    Oh and UK is on British Summer Time at the moment so we’re GMT +1 not GMT, so all the times have to be +1, i.e. starts at 1am not 12


    • Actually, no, in this case. The UK and the USA are both on summer time, so the UK is still only 5 hours ahead of EDT. Admittedly, I probably should have explicitly put BST instead of “UK time”, but I was trying to avoid confusion 🙂


  6. Levanin says:

    Hey, I was just wondering if I could get a link to the application, but I am also confused as to the time. I live in Southern Africa and (Wait, is it public?) I need to know the right time, I try to use UK but is it on Sunday morning at 5 Am or Saturday?


    • You’ll now find the link to the application on the latest blog post about CTR3 – and the only city I could think of in Southern Africa was Johannesburg, so I went with that, and it’s 1 hour ahead of the UK (so building starts at 2am on July 24, and battle at 7am). Hope that helps!

      UPDATE: Corrected the times… hopefully I’ve got them right, now!


  7. Alec Scheidler says:

    I have some questions if its not much of a bother and i’m sure others want to know. How and were is the event going to be streamed for those who arn’t playing and want to watch? and also for those who cant stay up all night is there a recorder that will be saving the entire match/tournament

    please reply asap or redirect me to the info link
    Thank-you so much and good luck to the players


    • I don’t think you’re being a bother in asking something as useful as this. I was going to ask Mhykol, but I figured I’d better check over at his site first… It turns out that the event will be livestreamed at the same site as last time (; and the recording of the previous one is still there…

      Thanks for asking the question, and I’ll update the post accordingly!


  8. Nikola says:

    awww i missed it. anyway when is the next 1?


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