Having a blast with stephoswalk…

If there’s anyone who really deserves to get more viewers subscribing to their “Let’s Play” series, it’s stephoswalk. It was BitBurner who told several of us at Minecrap, a month or so ago, that her videos were excellent, and he was mystified as to why she wasn’t getting more traffic to her YouTube channel! So I went and checked out her stuff (please note that the language in her videos is definitely NSFW!), and really enjoyed what I saw, even though I wasn’t able to catch up with everything. Speaking of which, by the way, Steph says that it’s really easy for people to just dip into her videos and get a feel for what she’s about – and I agree with her.

Anyway, when Steph invited me to be a guest on her series, I felt bad that I had to turn her down… However, it wasn’t until some weeks later that I realised I’d misunderstood the arrangement: I’d got it into my head that I’d need to be recording as well, and since my beleaguered PC can’t handle that and Minecraft, it wouldn’t be possible to join in. I am such an idiot at times.

Thankfully, once I’d explained my foul-up to her, Steph very graciously reopened the invitation, and after much anticipation by both of us, Friday night finally came along, and the fun began on Steph’s server! I think we were both a tad nervous at first: although we’ve chatted a fair bit via Minecraft chat, we’ve never hung out together on Skype or Mumble. But I think we hit it off well, and pretty much put each other at ease.

Over a two-and-a-half-hour period, I had an absolute blast playing and chatting with Steph, as I joined her to record three episodes of 15 minutes each, along with some general chilling-out “off-camera” before and between episodes. She’s sweet, charming and funny, as well as being a truly gracious hostess, and it felt as if the time just flew by. Erm… please note that, although my language is PG-13 on this blog by design, you’ll find I’m rather R-rated in the videos! 😛 (I never claimed to be a saint, dear readers.) Actually, if my recollection serves correctly, the swearing became more frequent with each episode *cough* 😀

Since I was happy to be led in whatever direction Steph chose, we set out on a plan to construct the municipal flag of Chicago (and I never even knew that one existed until she told me). So the first episode (episode 141 of her series) sees us chasing down sheep, first to dye them, and then punch them for their wool. Whether on her own server, or on Minecrap, Steph takes pride in playing legitimately – and for me, after hundreds of hours of bending WorldEdit to my will, it was a delightful change of pace to actually run around and gather the resources we needed 🙂 And besides, those sheep deserved it.

Because we hadn’t got all of the 247 blocks we needed within the episode, and Steph felt it would be boring for the viewers to continue the quest within episode 142, we took time between episodes to make up the numbers. And because the construction of the flag was completed within the span of #142, my third and final episode of the session (#143, naturally) involved both of us starting to clear out more of her city area – so lots of digging and chatting. It was at this point that Steph revealed the “real” reason for my being on her show – as slave labour to help her dig! 😉 Honestly, though, even if that had been the real reason for the invitation, I don’t think it would have mattered to me, because I had such a great time 😀

Thank you so much, Steph – not only for inviting me to hang out with you, but also for making it such a fun experience! And to everyone else: If you’ve not yet taken a look at stephoswalk on YouTube, I strongly (yet politely) urge you to do so, and subscribe if you find her as entertaining as I do – she’s well worth watching!

Stephoswalk and the Chicago Flag that she and I created. Legitimately.

stephoswalk and the Chicago Flag that she and I created. Legitimately. Seriously, stephoswalk deserves to get some love from the Minecraft community!

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3 Responses to Having a blast with stephoswalk…

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m so glad you had as much fun as I did playing on my Minecraft Let’s Play server last night. Watching that zombie eat your face off was particularly amusing. 😉 Just being able to chat with you for a couple hours was delightful. I can’t wait to have you as a guest again!


  2. sagarter says:

    It was awesome to see you and Steph playing Minecraft together. I believe she deserves more subs too. She has great vid and the most loyal fans I have seen. I can’t wait to see more Minecrafting from the two of you.


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