This morning, I was surprised to see an email from The Shaft Podcast, titled “Guest Request for The Shaft”… and I was stunned when I opened it:

I know it’s a bit last minute, but we wanted to see if we could get you on the next show as a guest host.  Normally we record on Sundays at 3pm (GMT -6)

If that doesn’t work, but there is another time that weekend, please let us know!

We are also getting ready for possibly going to E3, so we might have to shuffle times around a bit, if you can be flexible that weekend.


Are they kidding me? Would I want to be on the next show? Oh, my freakin’ God, of course I would!

But I didn’t want to come across as too excited or needy, so I sent them this calm and measured response:


*cough* I mean, yes, I’d love to be a guest 🙂 Am I allowed to tweet this?

OK, maybe not quite as calm and measured as it could have been 😉 (and the word “YES!” was actually much bigger than that, too…)

And after being told it was OK for me to tweet about the news, I did so, like this:

ACHIEVEMENT GET! I’m going to be the guest on @TheShaftPodcast next week! *snoopy dance*

And many thanks to all the Twitterers who congratulated me! 🙂

Yes, I’m seriously psyched – and scared – about being invited onto The Shaft. I’m also very flattered that, even though I only have a small (but perfectly formed) following, I was considered good enough to be a guest… I just hope that I can live up to whatever expectations they (and The Shaft’s devoted audience) might have of me! It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve got a couple of Minecraft events I’ve been invited to, so I’ll have something to contribute in the Journeys segment 😀

The thing is this: Although I do try hard to put something of worth into the Minecraft community, I don’t think I’d have got anywhere without the appreciation and support I’ve had from the awesome people I’ve come to know in the very short time I’ve been a builder on Minecrap, and the even shorter time that I’ve styled myself as The Minecraft Scribe. I’ve said it before, but it feels like I’m a nerd hanging out at the Cool Kids’ party – but I’m there because they like me, not because they want to make fun of me. Which is awesome and scary at the same time…

In particular, I’d like to say a huge thank-you to:

  • BitBurner, who suggested my doing a blog in the first place;
  • WelshPixie, who kindly offered me a place at EFX3 Blogs, where this blog could be hosted;
  • Teddanator, whose delightful flights of imagination frequently turn my building ideas into amazing things;
  • Alefnull, who politely tolerated my sudden desire to help out him and the other admins on Minecrap, as well as becoming a great friend;
  • The rest of the Gaming Vampires of The Spawn – SatoriLove, Avidya, Mhykol, HojjoshMC, Chris_W_2k5, ClydeFrog, Dewtroid, ZeImperialistic, Nosirrah, NiSiSuinegEht, Thefre ThiefKnight, Jessartisan, kalennighteyes, jisou, Coestar, Necomi, djrodw, DiegoGriff, Nivekeryas and McSugar – who make my nocturnal waking hours much less lonely, and much more fun! (If I missed anyone out, I’m truly sorry! I mostly went from the Twitter followers’ list!)

And the vast majority of the people in the above list are people I wouldn’t even have met, were it not for The Shaft Podcast themselves – so thank you, too… It all comes around full circle! 🙂

By the way, here’s a point of note: Unlike my usual behaviour, I won’t be in the Ustream chat on Sunday… The first reason is simple, but annoying: my PC, and my Internet connection, aren’t good enough to be able to sustain Skype with a webcam, plus a browser for Google Docs, plus Ustream and the chat!

The other reason is that if I watch the chat, I sometimes miss what’s actually being said on the show… And given that, during a radio interview in 1994 – that was broadcast across the UK on BBC Radio 4 – I missed a cue, resulting in several seconds of dead air and mortifying embarrassment on my part, and I really don’t want to fail so badly again! (I’ve probably jinxed myself now…) So, please understand that it’s nothing personal!

Other than that, keep your fingers crossed that I don’t mess up! 🙂

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7 Responses to ACHIEVEMENT GET!

  1. WelshPixie says:

    I think even if you DO mess up the gang will only light-heartedly joke about it. It’s a gathering of friends, after all! ^.^


  2. devatrox says:

    Awesome! I’m almost as excited as I was when the Yogscast was on the show. Only now I don’t expect pure fun and entertainment but some interesting insights of this mysterious guy who gives us Minecraft news with heart and personality 🙂


    • I can see what you mean… Before Simon and Lewis were on The Shaft, I watched them “play” Magicka with TotalBiscuit, and episode 1 had me laughing so hard, I was crying! And of course, any time spleef is mentioned on the podcast, I think of Simon’s incredulous “SPLEEF?” 😉

      But hopefully, I’ll do my best to entertain 🙂


  3. Congratulations mate.

    I’m sure you’ll do fine. I mean if you can stand in front of a camera and discuss your Anorak of the week fixation with your dice collection I’m sure this will be an absolute breeze for you.

    You know the old public speaking trick I assume? Imagine your audience naked. of course, sitting in front of a webcam while imagining thousands of viewers behind their screens dressed only in their birthday suits may not be conducive to a calm inner self 😉 (am I cruel? yes… I think perhaps I am!)

    Look forward to seeing your slot .. (no promises on me being naked at the time though .. it does depend on if my wife is in or out at the time) 😉


  4. sagarter says:

    I can’t wait to see you on The Shaft. I think that you are an awesome choice for the show.


  5. Superb weblog, See you again in the near future


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