Introducing jessartisan, Minecrap's latest star…

It’s not often that the admins of the Minecrap server are immediately impressed by a new member’s work, but jessartisan managed that particular feat this week – and achieved quite a distinction, as you’ll find out later on in this post!

Shortly before last Saturday, Jess invited me to take a look at the home she’d built on the Minecrap server, where she’d taken up residence not long before. I hadn’t known her long then, although we’ve hung out in the same Mumble channel, along with various luminaries from Minecraft/The Spawn, but right from the start, she came across as fun and interesting, so I was happy to teleport over to her and take a look at what she’d wrought.

Honestly, you could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather. Although the sign on her house claims that it’s “not-so-humble”, Jess’ creation isn’t grandiose, but it’s certainly stylish! After taking a tour of the place, with its beautiful gazebo and dock complementing the rest of the building (and that gazebo has the Minecraft sunset as a backdrop), I immediately thought of who should see Jess’ work for herself: SatoriLove – and I commented to Jess, only half-jokingly, that Satori has a new rival when it comes to elegant design!

jessartisan, Minecrap's latest star.

jessartisan, Minecrap's latest star, and heroine of this blog post 🙂

I didn’t want to let the moment slip away, so I quickly jumped across to Mumble to see if Satori was around, and if she could be dragged away from whatever she was doing to take a look at Jess’ beautiful creation. Not only was Satori there, but there was also a number of other Minecrafters, including Minecrap’s Chief Administrator, alefnull – who’s no grouch when it comes to appreciating Minecraft creations. So, I set out trying to get one person to take the tour, but came back with a whole entourage!

Overhead shot of the front of Jess' house.

Overhead shot of the front of Jess' house. At the bottom right of the picture is the skylight to her strip mine and underground farm.

Now, I have to admit at this point that I was only semi-confident about Satori liking what Jess had done, even though I know Satori has an eye for beauty. And it didn’t help that while the chat window in Minecraft was scrolling away with effusive compliments to Jess, Satori was saying nothing… I don’t know what Jess was going through at that moment, but I was on the verge of chewing my fingernails down to the quick!

View of the rear of Jess' gorgeous Minecraft house.

View of the rear of Jess' gorgeous Minecraft house.

But then the verdict came through from Satori: she was not only highly impressed with Jess’ house, she also expressed some envy for her design skills! Meanwhile, alefnull – who had previously stated that our beloved shroomgirl had set the bar very high for those seeking Builder status – had instantly decided that Jess was going to get that promotion! As far as I could tell, this was the fastest that anyone had been promoted, in the few months that I’d known alefnull, and he confirmed that it was very much the case (faster even than shroomgirl!). At the time, Jess said that she was blushing in real life when all the praise came through 🙂

(More after the pictorial tour of Jess’ house is completed!)

The first floor.

Inside view, starting with the first floor. Very cosy.

The bedroom, open-plan yet still intimate.

Jess' bedroom. Although open-plan, her choices of materials and lighting manage to keep the atmosphere cosy, warm and pleasant.

The storage area.

There's room for more practical matters, too - the storage and crafting area. Everything's nicely in reach.

The dock, at the rear of the house.

The dock, at the rear of the house. I could easily imagine myself sitting on the back porch, drinking an iced tea and watching the boats (and occasional squid) go by 🙂

A closer look at the gazebo.

A closer look at the gazebo. The placement is perfect, having the sunset (and, of course, the sunrise) as a beautiful backdrop.

Fortunately, jessartisan hasn’t let it go to her head, but she has scaled up to epic… Last night, I came onto the server, and jess was commenting ruefully about Minecraft’s rather limited colour palette, particular when it came to yellow and orange. I was intrigued, but I figured I’d have to wait along with everyone else, after she told another player that she was making a secret project, and it was only 85% done. Oh, give me patience, and give me it now! As it was, jess very kindly allowed me a sneak peek, so I once again teleported to her location.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was, although I could see that it was both vast and colourful… So I went up about 30 blocks or so, but still couldn’t figure it out. But as I turned around to try to figure it out, I realised that my initial view was upside-down – here’s what it was:

Jess' marvellous rendition of the Hogwarts crest.

Jess' marvellous rendition of the Hogwarts crest. Considering she said there was only one yellow and one orange to work with, she's done a fantastic job.

Cue jaw-dropping again! With it still being a secret, though, I couldn’t go hunting down the other admins to take a look-see. Then today, Jess unveiled her creation, via Twitter:

It is finished. #Hogwarts crest by jessartisan on @minecrap

Boom! The plaudits came through thick and fast…

From Nosirrah151:

@jessartisan @minecrap oh wow that’s amazing!

From hojjoshMC:

@jessartisan holy crap!

From SatoriLove:

@jessartisan @minecrap Amazing!!!!

From shroomgirl:

@jessartisan @minecrap OMG! That is the coolest thing I have seen built in Minecraft so far! May I bow at your feet?

Plus, via the Minecraft chat, BitBurner proclaimed it “so rad” 🙂

The Hogwarts crest, stunning at night.

... and it's equally stunning at night.

Most impressively, even though Jess was already a Builder by that point, and therefore had access to the meat of the WorldEdit commands, she only used one – //set – in a couple of places, which means that nearly every block was laid by hand (including a lot of falling in water, so she tells me)! You can see this amazing work for yourself, if you go to the “hogwarts” warp.

To any aspiring Builders on the Minecrap server, jessartisan and shroomgirl before her are showing how it’s done – don’t make a big fuss about becoming Builder; just get out there and do something awesome! Actions speak louder than words, people! 😛

As for Jess: Wow… what a debut! Welcome, welcome, welcome to Minecrap, jessartisan – and here’s to more great creations!

jessartisan, who should be very proud of what she's done.

jessartisan, who should be very proud of what she's done. And just look at that cute ponytail!

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2 Responses to Introducing jessartisan, Minecrap's latest star…

  1. Jess says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome write-up!


  2. Supernovasuperstar says:

    How the [REDACTED] did you know what I needed to see? (:


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