The Portal: Another string to Hojjosh's bow!

Last night, accomplished Minecrafter/singer/rapper/songwriter Hojjosh released a new Minecraft machinima video, which is a significant departure from his “Let’s Play” and music videos: Episode 1 of a mystery/thriller series called The Portal.

In The Game, the pilot episode of his planned series, we see his character, Josh, wandering a snowy, desolate landscape, desperately trying to find his missing brother Steve. Josh happens upon a shelter, replete with a bed, a chest – and a portal, to who-knows-where… But that’s not all: someone’s messing with Josh’s head and, given the way they’re also messing with the surroundings, they might not be of this world… Can Josh pluck up the courage to take on the mystery person and save his brother Steve – assuming it’s not already too late?

The Portal, through which lies the fate of Josh and his missing brother, Steve...

The Portal, through which lies the fate of Josh and his missing brother, Steve... Time to grab your fear by the throat, Josh...

As I mentioned, this is quite a departure for Hojjosh, and it’s a great one, showing a lot of promise. The episode isn’t long, but it doesn’t need to be: the fear and tension builds up very nicely in under ten minutes, with the dark incidental music (composed and performed by Hojjosh himself) heightening the suspense. I’m continuing to be left impressed by Hojjosh’s versatility, especially as this episode shows that he’s very capable of creating original dramatic work with a much darker feel than usual.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, because I really want you to experience it for yourself – but I hope that Hojjosh decides to continue with The Portal! It’s possible that the news he received today from YouTube will spur him onwards: Hojjosh achieved YouTube Partnership!

who has two thumbs and just made Youtube Partner? *points thumbs at himself* THIS GUY!

Many congratulations, Hojjosh! Keep up the great work! 😀

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