The Beta 1.6 Trailer: Dr Trottimus, I presume?

Well, as the Minecraft world knows by now, Beta 1.6 is just around the corner, with its welter of bug-fixes (some less welcome by the community than others, if this Notch tweet is anything to go by), and some new features, including maps and long grass! So Mojang decided that it was time for another preview trailer – but this time, rather than putting it together themselves, they co-opted some of my favourite Minecrafters, the HatVenturers of HAT Films!

The first clue we received that there was going to be a new offering in the pipeline from Dr Trottimus Walrusface, djh3max and alsmiffy was this tweet, sent out on May 17:

Having loads of fun putting together the #minecraft E3 promo! @carlmanneh has been nothing but awesome! @notch

… and there was more from them, on May 20:

@carlmanneh Well done! Looking forward to the results. Thanks for fitting us in to your busy schedule! It’s been fun so far!

Given my enthusiasm for HAT Films’ work, regular readers of this blog will be unsurprised by my ensuing excitement about the prospect of them working with Mojang 🙂

Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Mojang had sent the guys an early copy of 1.6, provided details about the major features – and then just pretty much left our heroes to their own devices… The result was this video, announced by HAT Films with this tweet (which is another place you can watch the video, actually):

@notch @carlmanneh… Thanks Mojang for letting us make this 1.6 Video for you guys! 🙂 If you’re a fan of Minecraft RT!

(I did, incidentally, re-tweet their tweet – and SatoriLove ended up re-tweeting my re-tweet… *tweet*)

The video is hilarious, and nicely weaves a quick exploration/desert island story around the theme of the maps and long grass – all spiced up with the HatVenturers’ trademark humour (without their usual naughty language, mind you). If I had to choose a favourite scene from the video, it would be the fourth-wall-breaking in the library (watch the video to see what the heck I mean!).

djh3max, stranded on a desert island.

Poor djh3max, stranded on a desert island. Is there no hope for him?

And the trailer does have a use, as well: it nicely demonstrates the use of maps, as the search for the castaway progresses, with the map updating in real time (though the scene itself is in fast-forward). Conveniently, the video also shows the map’s crafting recipe (eight pieces of paper, surrounding a compass). Handy.

Now, while HAT Films has taken some flak from YouTube commenters about not including the addition of the Nether in SMP, I have to say in the guys’ defence that while Nether-in-SMP is new, the existence of the Nether isn’t really a new feature as such – so I think they did the right thing in leaving it out. Might have been fun to see one of them fall through one of the new trap doors, though 😉

Dr Trottimus, famous explorer, with some of the indigenous wildlife.

Dr Trottimus, famous explorer, with some of the indigenous wildlife.

I think it was a fantastic idea for Mojang to enlist HAT Films to create the trailer, and the fact that full creative control was handed over to the trio is a testament to their humour, and their production qualities 🙂

For HAT Films themselves, the results were swift:

Hello to all you new chaps and chapettes! Thanks for following! Now stand in a line with your hands out so we can high-five you all.

… and a few hours later, HAT decided to reward their followers, both new and old:

Lots of new followers! Welcome guys, how are you all? As a result of this influx, I will be editing a new episode tomorrow #hatventures

So, something else from the HatVenturers to look forward to – this week just gets better and better!

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