Minecraft Universe: Eric Fullerton and the pig ride again!

They might have picked an odd time to release it, but in the post-show for Episode 34, the guys from The Shaft podcast released Eric Fullerton’s latest Minecraft rave video, Minecraft Universe

That said, it was last Monday when The Shaft got my hopes all fired up with this tweet:

Minecraft Universe http://bit.ly/kkK6bW Coming soon from the Dead Workers Party!

… so when the announcement came yesterday that the world premiere would be made via their Ustream broadcast, I got very excited! Unfortunately, my PC had other ideas, and after two hours or so of watching The Shaft, it decided to thrash its hard disk, ruining the moment for me! Mind you, I found out from my friend Imperialistic that there were problems down in Huntsville, anyway, at least for a while:

@AstragaliUSA Not just you, the streaming comp Blue Screened from Epic Overload

Still, I did eventually get the chance to see it, after much swearing from me and a reboot from the PC…

Eric Fullerton on his rocket-powered pig, in the "Minecraft Universe" video.

Eric Fullerton astride his upgraded, rocket-powered pig, in his Minecraft Universe video. And no, rocket-powered pigs aren't coming in Beta 1.6. I think.

As for my opinion? Well, the short version is this:

@Nailhead @WelshPixie *WILD APPLAUSE*

But if that’s not good enough for you, here’s the longer version…

Eric’s really excelled himself with Minecraft Universe! I thought that In Search of Diamonds was impressive, but MU is an outstanding audio-visual treat. The whole experience is delightfully trippy, what with light shows, warping landscapes and a rocket-powered pig – and the music matches it perfectly. It was also a very pleasant surprise to hear WelshPixie, whose vocals added a marvellously ethereal quality to the tune. Eric says that he put in a huge amount of work on this, and it really shows – the video combines artistry and technical excellence, and the music uses a very clever mixing of in-game and external instrumentation.

What’s more, Minecraft Universe has already received the Notch Seal of Approval – as shown by this highly complimentary tweet:

I’m fairly sure this is one of the definitions of awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B0gg58y02A

It looks like ez enjoyed the video as well, if her re-tweeting of Eric’s release tweet was anything to go by… 🙂

And, as I was writing this, WelshPixie re-tweeted Carl Manneh’s tweet:

New AWESOME Minecraft music video by @Nailhead http://blip.tv/theshaft/minecraft-universe-5194146 @TheShaftPodcast @WelshPixie

It wouldn’t surprise me if the number of views for Minecraft Universe out-does the tally for In Search of Diamonds… At this rate, Eric’s going to have a whole album, I reckon…

Yes, I’m already a huge fan of Eric’s music and videos, but he’s gone up even further in my estimation with Minecraft Universe – and I really hope that, as long as Minecraft continues to provide him with creative inspiration, he comes out with more first-rate stuff like this!

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One Response to Minecraft Universe: Eric Fullerton and the pig ride again!

  1. WelshPixie says:

    Wow, I didn’t realise Notch tweeted it too. See what I miss for getting up late?! Stupid cozy bed.



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