The Half-Bakes: No sibling rivalry, here…

Although I don’t have as much time as I’d like to watch “Let’s Play” videos, I’ll fire up YouTube every now and then, and check out what Minecrafters are up to. A rather enjoyable consequence of this is getting to know more about people, beyond seeing their creations, and their words typed into Minecraft SMP chat. So it was that I discovered the charming brother-and-sister Minecrafting duo “The Half-Bakes”, aka Ironfruit and Bethness…

Hailing from Antrim, Northern Ireland, Ironfruit and Bethness jumped into Minecraft’s blocky wonderland just before the Beta 1.3 update. And in case you’re wondering (as I was), where “The Half-Bakes” comes from, it turns out that Beth was eating “Half-Baked” ice cream the night she and Iron were trying to come up with a name for their YouTube-posted adventuring! Maybe the pair of them could get sponsorship from Ben & Jerry’s… 😉

Pre-YouTube, I encountered Ironfruit first, when he was hanging out at the proto-Rainbow Cove build area. His innocent placement of a single dyed-wool flower triggered a chain reaction amongst Eric Fullerton, SatoriLove and ez, producing the vast Garden of Loveliness on the hillside next to mine and Teddy’s Ferris Wheel. Over time, I got to chat with him, and then Bethness, and they’re both fun to talk to and hang out with – certainly nothing like the stereotypical image of disaffected teenagers! (Iron is 15, and Beth is 14.)

And then I learned about their YouTube channel when Ironfruit tweeted to say that he and Bethness had uploaded “Half-Baked: Survival – Zombie Attack”. I took a look, and was immediately impressed: not only is it hugely enjoyable to watch, but their commentary is filled with youthful exuberance and energy; I strongly recommend you watch it!

More recently, they decided to record a multi-part tour of the Minecrap server. Two episodes are in place to date: the first explores Rainbow Cove, and shroomgirl’s epic creations, and the second highlights the outstanding engineering work of bluenokkad (and Ironfruit, “redstonery” is now totally a thing ;)). Each episode features their delightfully animated discussions as they explore their chosen locations, and that back-and-forth bantering is ideally suited to both these videos and their “Let’s Play” adventures. I’ll certainly be making the effort to check in on future videos of theirs…

It was said long ago that “youth is wasted on the young” – I reckon The Half-Bakes make a pretty strong case for the opposite point of view!

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One Response to The Half-Bakes: No sibling rivalry, here…

  1. Ironfruit says:

    Woah! I am amazed by all the nice comments Astra, we both really appreciate this! Thank you!


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