Minecrap – from the air!

Now, I’ve known for a long while that there’s a lot of stuff on the Minecrap server, but when you’re taking in the view in small pieces, it’s not easy to get a perspective on how much has been made. Now that’s changed, thanks to BitBurner, the server’s owner… With the aid of Eihort 0.2.4, an OpenGL world renderer that was featured just last week on The Shaft episode 32, Bit produced an aerial tour of his own server, displaying the Minecrap community’s vast array of constructions. It turns out that it wasn’t an easy task: Eihort struggled with the vast map size, and crashed numerous times on Bit’s computer. But by the end of it all, Bit pulled together nearly eight and half minutes of video, and the end result is awesome – it really puts the whole thing into perspective!

On the whistle-stop flight, there’s the chance to see (in no particular order):

  • bluenokkad’s gigantic technical masterpieces
  • shroomgirl’s lovingly created reconstructions of classic board games, as well as her mind-bogglingly complex carpets
  • Rainbow Cove
  • the Greco-Roman town
  • tiniestbit’s Minecraft gift to her father, BitBurner
  • Lyon Estates and The Shaft ‘Sac
  • Dr. Astrastein’s Lab
  • the cute animals in Thefre’s Zoo
  • SatoriLove’s gorgeous museum and beautiful Opera House
  • Zaco619’s Pixel Fields
  • The Oasis Hotel

… and more! But don’t just go from my description, you really have to take a look at the video to see if for yourself!

I also know that there’s still a heck of a lot which wasn’t featured on the video – most likely because of Eihort being brought low by the sheer size of the map file, which runs to several hundred meebs*! So by the look of things, you’re going to have to apply to be whitelisted if you’re to stand a chance of ever getting to see the rest of our creations!

To be fair to lloigor, the creator of Eihort, the program is still (by their own admission) “rough”, but work continues on it, and from the look of the video, it does do a wonderful job of showcasing Minecraft worlds outside of the game itself, with great camera effects that would be practically impossible in vanilla Minecraft (the “no-clip” shot of Satori’s Opera House, and the spiralling ascent through the Oasis Hotel being two sections which spring to mind). The program’s also had rave reviews on the Minecraft Forums, so if you were thinking about checking out Eihort to showcase your own stuff, or that of your favourite server, you should probably go ahead and give it a try 🙂

Many thanks to BitBurner for putting together that video, and if you’ve not seen it yet (it’s had only 326 views at the time of writing), go take a look!

* Meebs = megabytes. Just as there are geebs (pronounced, oddly, “jeebs”), teebs and peebs. Blame BitBurner, not me – and his terms are steadily becoming viral, it appears…

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