Flash, bang, wallop – what a picture!

It seems that my good friend – and occasional Minecraft design partner – Teddanator had been musing of late, wondering what she can do to increase her own standing within the Minecraft community. She was keen to make a contribution, even though she must be doing something right, because she’s got a rather healthy 200+ followers on Twitter, and of course the people on the Minecrap server love her to bits (or possibly blocks). But, considering what even her close circle of Minecraft friends get up to – “Let’s Play” videos, raps, artwork, blogging and the like – what’s a girl to do?

Now, Teddy’s done all kinds of things related to Minecraft: a comic, a poem, joined in live streams with Wolv21 and MadMommy, built lots of things of her own on the Minecrap server, and even had a try at doing her own “Let’s Play” series. But she felt that there must be something more that she could do.

And then, she was struck by an idea – “like admins striking someone down with lightning”*… she would become Teddanator, Minecraft Photographer! Her plan: to roam the servers of the Minecraft world, taking pictures of what she sees, from the beautiful to the just plain funny, and upload them for the community at large to see, via The Daydreaming Bear. Additionally, she plans to showcase various texture packs that others have made.

So far, I love what Teddy’s done, even though I think “photographer” is a slightly… inaccurate term; perhaps “photo artist” might be closer to what she’s doing. You see, while some of the pics are straight screen grabs, many of them have been judiciously enhanced with Photoshop. This isn’t a bad thing, because Teddy’s not editing with the intent to conceal the edits – her intention is to bring even more beauty to the subjects of her pictures, be they landscapes, constructions, or mobs. For example, take a look at my favourite work of hers to date, Morning

Morning, by Teddanator

My favourite to date, "Morning".

Now, I’m making no claim to being an art connoisseur in any way, shape or form, but I do think Teddy’s done a wonderful job with adding lens flare in this, and it’s just the right amount of adjustment to enhance without being clumsy.

To date, Teddy’s paid visits to Minecrap, The Shaftlands, Coe’s Quest, and the servers of Wolv21, BoneZ1771, taking a few snaps with her F2 camera. I’ve actually ended up in some of the pics myself – though at the moment, they’re all of me in silly situations… 😛

I’m looking forward to seeing how Teddy’s site progresses!

* I don’t know where she gets that idea from; that sounds like a terrible thing to do. (“Alefnull! Put the lightning axe away – Teddy’s looking in our direction!”)

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