Three Minecraft Wishes

You know, there’s never a handy genie around when you need one. I’ve got three – count ‘em, three – ideas for my Minecraft Feature Wish List, two of which are related to the crafting screen. So here they are, in descending order of likelihood-of-being-added… and I’ll just clean this old lamp while you read… <F/X: *POOF*>

(Wish List Disclaimer applies: I’ve arrived at the first two ideas without previously looking for them on the Internet to see if someone else had the idea before; Wish 3 is a logical extension of an idea which appeared on The Shaft.)

Wish 1

For my first wish, I’d like to be able to use right-click to decrease the number of items being crafted on the crafting screens. (Erm… do Mac users still use single-button mice? It’s been a while since I’ve used one myself…) I’ve lost count of the times I’ve crafted one-click-too-many’s-worth of an item*, and that’s especially irksome if I’m crafting with rare resources.

Actually, it also wouldn’t hurt to be able to press and hold the mouse buttons to rapidly change the amounts, rather than repeated clicking (though single clicks would still change the amount one at a time). I killed one mouse playing World of Warcraft, and I wouldn’t want for my current mouse to meet its maker halfway through crafting a backpack’s-worth of sandstone blocks…

Genie: That’s two wishes.
Me: Press-and-hold left to go up, press-and-hold right to go down – two parts of the same wish. Learn to count.
Genie: Is that your second wish – that I learn to count?
Me: Are you deliberately trying to annoy me?
Genie: …

Wish 2

While I’m on the subject of inventory management, I’d like a “Distribute” button, please. Here’s how I see it working: Plonk down your items in the required crafting recipe, and when you click “Distribute”, it evenly distributes all the relevant items from your inventory, as far as is possible given your on-hand resources and stack limits. Take a look at the pic below (you too, Genie), and it’ll hopefully make more sense.

An example of how the "Distribute" button would work.

How my proposed "Distribute" button would work. And yes, I know I didn't actually edit in the button - I was trying to do this quickly 😛

I’m not always as neat and tidy with my item placement while crafting, as I was in that example picture, so that button would be a boon.

Wish 3

OK, this one’s a bit fanciful, and it’s a purely “creative” thing, but here goes anyway: Smaller blocks! While Teddanator and I were working on Bedrock City on the Minecrap server the other day, I was rueing the fact that we needed to be able to use smaller blocks, so as to get more detail. One-eighth-size blocks would be a good starting point:

Splitting one block into eight - 2x2x2

Splitting one block into eight - 2x2x2 - for those smaller details. Imagination can only go so far with full blocks, you know...

But of course, this would probably need a huge rewrite to be able to make it work. For example, consider the fact that you can’t have two signs in the same block space, and it’s fairly easy to imagine how much of a pain it would be to implement smaller blocks which sit in a block space. Also, take the thing to its logical extreme, and you could be shuffling tiny voxels around. So I don’t realistically see this one being put into the game, but it can be fun to dream (especially if you’ve got your own genie)!

Speaking of which: I did try, for my first wish, to get the finished release version of Minecraft, with all the features and stuff. But the Genie said he didn’t like spoilers, I’d have to wait like everyone else, and he threatened to shove me into the bottle – so I quickly changed to something more sensible 😉

* Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Notch was recording it as a statistic 😛

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One Response to Three Minecraft Wishes

  1. Joshua Madlambayan says:

    My wish is to mojang to please make a deal with sony so all the minecraft fans can play on PS3!


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