SatoriLove's Birthday Bash!

How should one of the biggest names in Minecraft, SatoriLove, celebrate her birthday? By having a massive Minecraft event, of course! So it was that on Monday, she hosted a Minecraft variant of Capture the Flag – Capture the Record – for a huge group of her trusted friends, on the SMP server.

The rules were simple, in theory: Two teams were separated into two huge bedrock-walled cube arenas by a dividing wall. Each team – Team Satori and Team Love – had five hours to gather resources outside the cubes, and build defenses inside the walls in which their record would be hidden, in a chest. Then, at midnight CDT, the dividing wall was changed to glass, and it was time to break through to the other side and try to locate the other team’s record, with the intent of placing it in the record player outside the walls and win the game! Additionally, the teams were split off into separate Mumble channels, so that strategy could be easily planned over voice chat.

Satori herself was on Team Love, along with Avidya, alefnull, BitBurner, dewtroid, and myself (there were about 15 people per team, all told). Even the guys from The Shaft came onto the server to join in the fun, with Eric and Brent on Team Satori (boooo!), while Wes, a welcome late-comer, joined us on Team Love (yaaaay!). Oh, and PvP was turned on, along with fire-spread and TNT… Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!

Team Love created a wild and vicious array of traps and decoy chests (as it turned out, so did Team Satori), and placed the business end of things, such as storage and the stored record, up in the air. We had some seriously fiendish people on our team 🙂 Meanwhile, Team Satori’s storage was located underground, defended by a team of three, including hojjosh – until BitBurner made a very careful application of TNT to the area during the battle, and blew it sky-high…

About an hour after the wall came down, kildeh found Team Satori’s record, and there was a mad dash for the record player! From the post-mortem chat, it turned out that kildeh was very close to burning in lava – but narrowly avoided it to reach the record player and claim the game for Team Love!

I have to admit, I felt a bit useless at times, particularly during the gather/build stage, because I pretty much need direction in situations like this. But when the battle started, and it was everyone for themselves, I could actually do something – even if it was simply dying most of the time…

There’s talk afoot about doing more events of this type in the not-too-distant future, and I’d be happy to participate again if invited… Thanks so much to SatoriLove for giving me the chance to hang out at her Minecraft Birthday Bash!

Most of the players from Satori's Birthday Bash

The finishing players from Satori's Birthday Bash.

The finishing players, with names, from Satori's Birthday Bash

The finishing players, with names, from Satori's Birthday Bash.

If you’d like to see the video recording of the event, here it is!

Satori’s Birthday Bash – recorded live by Mhykol on LiveStream

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