MinecraftChick in Real Life

MinecraftChick has definitely gone from strength to strength in Minecraft since her first faltering (non-) steps in episode one of The Misadventures of MinecraftChick. Whereas she started out unable even to walk in the game – owing to her non-gaming background – she’s now progressed to the stage where she can be practically nonchalant about encountering a creeper…

Not content with getting herself addicted to Minecraft, our cerise-coiffured heroine makes an effort to entice others into the burgeoning community with her video Minecraft in Real Life: Why You Should Play (not to be confused with Minecraft in Real Life by chrscool8, or Real Life Minecraft by wolv21).

We got to see a sneak peek of sorts when she put out a teaser video, My Secret Project, a few days previously. I’d thought that it was going to be a stop-motion animation, but I was wrong – and so was forced to wait, like everyone else, to see what my friend was up to…

MinecraftChick's shiny new axe.

MinecraftChick's shiny new axe. Do not get in the way of her when she uses that thing... or the pickaxe she got a hold of!

In the space of less than two minutes, MCC explains the basics of the game – but where it stands out from the countless “first principles” tutorials out there is her gimmick: using real-life representations of Minecraft objects and resources! For example, when she shows how to make a cake, she arranges the ingredients on a paper 3×3 grid… and when she couldn’t find anyone willing to loan her a spider, she went out and bought herself a tarantula, even though “Stevie” only appears for a few seconds’ worth of footage! Stevie’s now her pet and, apparently, her co-host…

(Public Service Announcement: Remember, kids, a tarantula is for life, not just a video shoot…)

For some things, of course, MCC’s had to resort to using models: I suspect the landlord wouldn’t take too kindly to actual cows, sheep, chickens and pigs living at MinecraftChick Towers – and cubic metres of metal ore aren’t that easy to come by! (eBay can be such a let-down at times!) Still, this doesn’t detract from the video – and having seen her pickaxe action, I’m somewhat reluctant to criticise anyway!

Minecraft in Real Life: Why You Should Play is, by turns, highly informative, cute and delightfully silly, and it’s two minutes of your life well spent, in my humble opinion. And the cute factor comes, in particular, from the “flashback” scene with a toddler version of MinecraftChick – who’s playing with Lego-style building blocks…

Ikkle MinecraftChick. D'awwww...

It's an ikkle MinecraftChick! D'awwww...

Now, here’s the thing. MinecraftChick created this in an effort to apply to join the inaugural YouTube Creator Institute. But… they rejected her! Understandably, MCC was rather upset about this. My comment to her was that perhaps they thought she was too good to be entered into the voting stage.

Here’s my reasoning: The second paragraph of the YouTube blog post about the contest states

But we figure there are people out there who’ve always wanted to express themselves through video, but may be limited by funding, video-making skills, insufficient tools, or just knowing where to start.

Having watched the vast majority of MCC’s vids, I’d be inclined to say that funding is the only thing she’s lacking. True, there’s often something new to be learned, even by an expert, but MCC does a damn fine job with her videos already. How many “Let’s Play” videos have you seen where the player is shown, picture-in-picture, as they play the game – and even makes quick cut-aways to comment on their own playing ability?

Anyway, if you haven’t seen Minecraft in Real Life: Why You Should Play, take a couple of minutes to go watch it!

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One Response to MinecraftChick in Real Life

  1. Thefre says:

    She would probably be teaching everyone else there how things are done. MCC videos are definitely in the higher tier of youtube videos.


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