From carousel to Rainbow Cove…

After the fun that I had on the Minecrap server building the carousel and Ferris wheel, I was very surprised to be mentioned in Eric Fullerton’s “Journey” on The Shaft episode 26… I’d hoped that he was going to say something about being on the server, especially because ez joined us there, but I wasn’t really certain that he’d be talking about me… I’ve been mentioned on the show quite a few times, but more as a “face in the crowd”, so being talked about as a builder by Eric (who was very complimentary – thank you!) made me feel more legitimate in the Minecraft community 🙂

Well, Teddanator informed me that alefnull (and, I found later, SatoriLove) had suggested that a boardwalk should be added around the two rides, and after watching The Shaft go out live, I jumped onto Minecrap and started working on this with Teddy. But it got a little out of hand – in a good way, of course… Once the first section of boardwalk was added, I realized we needed lighting at the sides, so the fencing at each side gained light poles. Teddy designed concession stands – because you can’t have a boardwalk without them – I copied and pasted a few more with WorldEdit, and we re-coloured them to get some variation.

Concession stands by Teddanator

Teddanator's design for the concession stands. At the right of the picture: BitBurner's Test Your Strength machine (a more recent addition).

I thought about adding bumper cars, which couldn’t be used, as with the carousel and Ferris wheel. Teddy suggested bumper boats instead, which people would be able to use; I liked the idea, and built a little arena to house it. But I found, with the help of Ironfruit (if memory serves) that the boats couldn’t get up enough speed to cause any damage, and would often bounce off each other. So I changed it to “water spleef”, so players would have a boat and an axe, and they had to use the axe to smash the boats instead. This worked, but it only took one hit to break the boat, even with a wooden axe, so Chris_W_2k5 suggested just using fists instead, to lengthen the game a little. Much better.

The water spleef arena

Grab another player, a boat, and your fist. Be the last one sailing!

SatoriLove, alefnull and Mhykol arrived, and work hit a critical-mass condition (after being blown away by the progress Teddy and I had made so far). And this is about the point when culture shock set in for me. I’d never worked on a community project before: prior to the construction of the carousel, I’d built things by myself. Even when Teddy was helping out with the design of the carousel, and design/construction of the Ferris wheel, it still didn’t feel like a community project – but now all that had changed. I honestly wasn’t sure I liked the idea at first, but fortunately, the concept grew on me, because the people who were working on building something were throwing ideas at each other which improved on what had gone before.

Case in point: Satori suggested a transportation system for the park. I said it could be a monorail, above the park. I wondered if the monorail should have supports, as in real life – and Satori had the inspired idea of using clouds instead of ugly supports (my adjective there, not hers). By the time it was done, it had been called the MonoRailbow – and bluenokkad’s engineering magic actually got the thing to work, after five attempts to create a system which would work with/around the SMP minecart glitches. (Then Beta 1.4 came along, and broke minecarts and boats.)

Satori's cloud "supports" for the MonoRailbow.

Satori's wonderfully inspired cloud "supports" for the MonoRailbow. So much nicer than ugly poles sticking into the boardwalk...

Satori also jumped onto the construction of the Whirling Teacups ride that I was working on, but built a teacup rather differently from me. I’d actually been rather hoping to build the whole thing myself, but when I saw how much better her teacup was, I ditched mine in favour of her superior construction 🙂

The Whirling Teacup ride...

The Whirling Teacup ride...

... and Satori's superior teacup design.

... and Satori's superior teacup design. Mine was empty inside.

Teddy and Mhykol built an aquarium at the end of the boardwalk, where you descend under the sea to watch the squid. Teddy and Zaco619 made a huge doughnut. I built a massive clock tower. Satori extended the Garden of Loveliness, and added a waterfall which flowed between some of the flowers. Teddy built her own version of the house from the movie Up, and in another part of the park, a shark. I built a huge striped candy, and Teddy and I made a gumball jar in front of it. A ticket booth (all prices: free) was created by alefnull, when he wasn’t wielding the Big Admin Stick. It all just kept snowballing…

The really amusing part was that, over the course of the days which followed, there’d be at least one person who wasn’t present while new features were added to the newly-named Rainbow Cove. So those absent people would always be blown away when they came back and saw the additional construction… This happened to me when I showed up and found that Hojjosh had built a kitchen next to the Teacup Ride, aided by numerous people! My first thought on seeing it was, “Why on Earth did they build a kitchen here? It’s so inappropriate!” But then I learned that it was, in fact, an awesome water ride, so it was all okay again 🙂

One of the most epic ideas came from Eric Fullerton, while I was starting work on the Teacups: He wanted to build a haunted forest as a counter-point to the gaudiness of the park, but was concerned that he was getting in my way (although by now, Rainbow Cove wasn’t simply “mine”). Even before he detailed his vision, I was all for it, and aided by Satori and myself, Eric did a test of the concept he wanted to create: a completely monochromatic forest, as if an evil force had drained the colour from the land. With the test completed to Eric and Satori’s satisfaction, we transferred to the build site – I’d tagged along, because I considered myself a bit of a whiz with the WorldEdit mass-block-replacement commands.

So while Eric and Satori were doing the actual construction of the Tortured Forest’s features, I was bouncing around the landscape, selecting regions and changing trees to ghostly-white birch, grass to black wool, and leaves and dirt to dark grey wool. It was as if I was the evil wizard who had put the curse on the place – and I was loving it (f/x: maniacal laughter). A broken bridge leads from the “good” part of Rainbow Cove to the Tortured Forest, which Satori walled in, so that the evil hopefully wouldn’t escape (and there are some particularly nice touches with the redstone lights and splashes of mossy cobblestone to give it a suitably aged look). And I believe it was Eric who constructed the graveyard and the pig-sacrifice altar… It looks truly amazing, and he and Satori did great work on it.

Eric Fullerton's Tortured Forest.

Eric Fullerton's Tortured Forest. Eric and Satori did an awesome job, bringing evil to Rainbow Cove...

After all the work that Eric had put in, I’d been rather hoping that Rainbow Cove would get a mention in the next edition of The Shaft – which turned out to be episode 28, because #27 was an April Fool’s Day podcast about Mojang’s next game, Scrolls. Well, the park/resort did get a mention, but the way Eric talked about it, it was as if I’d done all the construction outside the Tortured Forest! Naughty Eric! As well as the signs next to each construction, crediting the people who made the awesome features, I added an Architects’ Board, listing everyone who’d contributed to the (on-going!) work on Rainbow Cove:

The Architect's Board at the entrance to Rainbow Cove.

The Architects' Board at the entrance to Rainbow Cove. And to think it just started with two rides...

Many, many thanks to everyone who made the place amazing! 🙂

I’m going to stop writing here, but there are more pictures of Rainbow Cove next, because I think you should see a lot more of the place, if you’re not planning to stop by the Minecrap server…

Rainbow Cove, from the air - shot 1

Rainbow Cove, from the air. Look - Nessie's moved in!

Rainbow Cove, from the air - shot 2

Another shot of Rainbow Cove, showing how Satori expanded Garden of Loveliness (though I added the ladybug, with her permission).

Teddy's take on the Up house.

Teddy's take on the Up house. She even added balloons which had broken free of the rest...

Teddy's doughnut, Hojjosh's Kitchen Ride (aided by many people), and my whale, Bluey.

Teddy's doughnut, Hojjosh's Kitchen Ride (aided by many people), and my whale, Bluey.


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