Into The Depths – my Minecraft poem

One of the creative things I love doing is writing poetry, though I’ve not written any with a Minecraft theme – I’ve had trouble trying to figure out something which didn’t feel contrived or otherwise lame. Until now, that is…

Into The Depths is the saga of an epic quest to find riches deep, deep below the surface of the Minecraft world, right from the very first morning you awake…

Gather wood, make a pick from a pile of planks and sticks;
Dig out coal before the waning of the light;
Run around; gather stone; build enough to make a home –
Or at least a place to get you through the night.

In the depths of a cave, hear the monsters rant and rave:
Creepers, spiders, zombies, beings made of bones;
Sit around, twiddle thumbs – will the morning ever come? –
You may find that you go mad from all those moans…

Iron tools now in hand, you begin to scout the land;
Slaughter pigs and cows to help you on your quest;
So with pork in your pack (tightly strapped upon your back)
You prepare to undergo an epic test…

It’s been said that others found gold and diamonds underground
So you want to mine some booty of your own;
Fill your pack without a care (how do benches fit in there?)
And descend into the darkness – all alone.

Plant your torches, light the way, hope that you’ll be back some day,
As your search for riches leads you ever down;
Mine that stone (though it’s a chore), heading to the planet’s core,
While trying not to suffocate or drown.

When you stop to look around, there’s a terrifying sound:
You hear footsteps, but you know your feet are still!
Though you’re chilled to the marrow, you pull out your bow and arrow
And prepare to fire – you’d better shoot to kill…

Just one arrow? Oh, that’s tough – but it seems to be enough
For your single missile shot is all it takes:
Zombie plunges through the air! See its haunting glassy stare
As it roasts to death within the lava lakes.

Then at last, you find your goal – looking down a narrow hole,
You spot diamond ore – it seems so very close!
You find gold on the way – this could be your lucky day –
But an awful truth has made you quite morose:

Though your avarice is sated, your return is long-awaited
By evil spawned where torchlight never went…
You look up: are there faces in those dim and distant places?
So you’re rich – but will you live through the ascent?

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9 Responses to Into The Depths – my Minecraft poem

  1. Pieguy125 says:

    Nice 😀


  2. The Minecraft Kid. says:

    WOW! NOW That was amazing!

    I went through the beginning part of the poem and u summerized a minecraft life!
    Thats why it was awesome!

    -A school kid that picked this for homework 😛


  3. ahmad says:



  4. xefilis says:

    cool beans

    im putting this in one of my poetry books on my minecraft server.


  5. Zomon says:

    Imma use it for homework to


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