Shroomgirl: Ninja Builder!

Just about every Minecraft server has its share of amazing builders, and the Minecrap server is definitely no exception. There’s the architectural might and technical excellence of bluenokkad, and the sheer beauty of the creations put out by alefnull, BitBurner, Chris_W_2k5, Teddanator and hojjosh.

And then… there’s Shroomgirl.

My first encounter with Shroomgirl came shortly after I’d had a crack at creating a Zen garden. She politely asked me if she could build a Yin-Yang symbol next to it – and I hadn’t answered immediately, because I was rather wrapped up in chat. Shame on me. Fortunately, I soon set that to rights, and she got to work. At that time, she was a normal player, so she had to gather her own materials. But it didn’t take her long to come up with the goods, and some WorldEdit wand-waving later by yours truly (Shroomgirl didn’t ask – I’d offered to do it), the dirt was changed to obsidian:

Shroomgirl's yin-yang symbol

Shroomgirl's Yin-Yang symbol

She fell off her dirt towers a lot during construction, so I spawned her some diamond armour (I didn’t know I could cast “god mode” on myself and others at the time), called her over, and gave it to her, receiving a gently gracious thanks in return.

A little while later, I was wandering around, and encountered the Killer Chicken – which turned out to be another Shroomgirl creation:

Shroomgirl's Killer Chicken

The Killer Chicken. I'd hate to see the size of the feather that thing would drop...

Then I stumbled on The Pyramid of the Sphinx:

Shroomgirl's Pyramid of the Sphinx 2

Front view of Shroomgirl's Pyramid of the Sphinx. You enter the pyramid between the Sphinx's paws.

Shroomgirl's Pyramid of the Sphinx 1

Side view of the Pyramid of the Sphinx

And people really started to take notice – by which I mean the red admins… (I’m green, one stage below, in case you’re wondering. And happy to stay that way, too.)

There are two key things which the Minecrap red admins look for when it comes to promoting people to Builder (green-admin powers) or Master Builder (most of the red-admin powers), aside from adherence to the rules. The first is creative ability, be it architectural, creative, or both (or as I put it, “Green means awesome – red means epic”). The second is their behaviour on the server.

Let me give you an example which will hopefully illustrate. Around the same time that I encountered Shroomgirl, there was another player on the server – who shall remain nameless (mainly because the senior admins are probably sick of me mentioning it!). That person aspired to be a Master Builder, and he let everyone know it. But the problem was that it was mostly just talk: every day, he would enter a cycle of inviting people to build with him, to asking people to spleef with him, to critiquing other people’s work, to talking about how he was going to be Master Builder some day, to how he craved a Magic Compass (can’t blame him there, really – they’re handy tools). Not to mention bugging the red admins, with nary a please nor thank you.

From what I heard, this player was pre-teen – but at work as a cashier, I’ve encountered guests’ children who were younger than he, and politeness certainly didn’t escape them! So age – or rather, the lack of it – doesn’t hold as an excuse. And get off my grass blocks, while you’re at it, you pesky kids…

Oh, and when he did get around to building, the results were not, as I understand it, of sufficient quality to rate him as Builder, let alone Master Builder. And that’s not me sitting in judgement on his work, either.

Shroomgirl, meanwhile, voiced no such aspirations. She’d just come onto the server every day, quietly do her thing (though she’d talk to people if they spoke to her), and then leave when she was done for the day, with a quick and polite farewell. And when a creation was done, she would just leave a sign saying that she was the one who constructed it – and never publicly announce it, leaving us to stumble across her sheer brilliance.

I think there’s been one advance warning from Shroomgirl that I’ve seen – I saw a sign which said something along the lines of, “Future site of McDonald’s by Shroomgirl”. Next thing I knew, this took the sign’s place:

Minecrap's branch of McDonald's

The Minecrap server's branch of McDonald's - an imposing exterior.

The interior of Shroomgirl's McDonald's - seating and eating

The seating and eating area of the Minecrap McDonald's, complete with mood lighting.

The work area of the Minecrap McDonald's

Behind the scenes of the Minecrap McDonald's. It's got more cooking facilities than any I've seen in real life...

All it needs are a few zombies behind the counter, and you’d mistake it for the real thing 😉

Senior admins (and me): Minds truly blown. Shroomgirl was quickly promoted to builder, which also meant that she could spawn her own stuff.

It was shortly after that event that the Aspiring Master Builder rang his bell once too often, and an admin made like Thor with the Mighty Ban Hammer in his direction. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when the order came through from on high to demolish all of his stuff, I went into it with perhaps more glee than was appropriate… Just as well I’m not a senior admin, methinks.

Anyway, this article’s meant to be about Shroomgirl.

Shortly after this was created (this time, it had a warp created for it)

Shroomgirl's awesome Monopoly board

Shroomgirl's awesomely massive Monopoly board. Do not pass GO. Do not collect 200 gold ingots.

… Shroomgirl was deservingly promoted to Master Builder – or rather, Ninja Builder, as her chat tag states 🙂 (You can blame me for calling her that, I think!)

And when I went to get the screen-grab of the Monopoly board for this article, I found this had been added alongside!

Shroomgirl's awesome Scrabble board

I reckon you'd need a crane to lift those tiles into place.

I especially love how she’s added the standing-up racks 🙂

Just as I was leaving the area on the glass viewing platform above the Monopoly and Scrabble boards, I noticed Shroomgirl hard at work, recreating a Tetris screen. I think at this rate, BitBurner’s going to have to give Shroomgirl her own server… 🙂 Anyway, it’s a pleasure to know you and your Minecraft art, Shroomgirl – and I think the Minecrap players will continue to be amazed by her for some time to come!

Special thanks to intrepid explorer and Minecrafter Sagarter, who helped me to track down the McDonald’s and the Pyramid of the Sphinx again, so that I could take pictures for this post.

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5 Responses to Shroomgirl: Ninja Builder!

  1. alefnull says:

    shroomgirls is, indeed, a treasure. we are extremely glad to have her as part of our small, but budding community.
    when i log onto the server each day, and start making my rounds, stumbling across something new that wasn’t there the day/night before, with a sign saying “by shroomgirl” is one of the top highlights of my day. 🙂
    and shroomgirl, if you’re reading this… KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK! 🙂


  2. shroomgirl says:

    Wow! I am blown away with what you have written! I hope I can continue to create things that are worthy of your words. 🙂


  3. Wow !! I really had no idea she was so talented ! I’m always amazed by some of the creations that people fabricate in Minecraft. Those Monopoly and Scrabble board games are fantastic and honestly unique and novel. I grow weary of the myriad “Giant cakes” “Nyan Cats” and scaled up 3D character statues that people build on some servers.

    We’re on different servers, but hope that I get to see some of her work up close and personal some day.

    Very impressive work, a good first profile for the new feature and one I’ll certainly continue to take an interest in.

    All the best
    Pete (Aka the Minecraft Geek)


    • Erm… Actually, on the Minecrap server, Teddanator and I have built giant cakes for the Town of Nom (aka Caketown) in Rainbow Cove, many of the admins have built giant 3D statues of themselves (though I chose not to), and shroomgirl built our server’s Nyan Cat.

      What say you now, eh? 😉


      • oh well.. in that case I take back all the praise I piled upon her and the rest of the Minecr*p server. Bunch of amateurs the lot of you !!


        My apologies but what I meant was it’s nice to see fresh ideas out there.

        But seriously? Nyan Cat? Shroomgirl you outta be ashamed of yourself ;p hehe


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