HatVentures! Finale – but it's not the end…

Sigh. I suppose it had to come sometime: The HatVenturers finish off their Forsaken Lands adventure in Minecraft with a climactic finale at The Marble Palace! Death, doom, destruction and danger await Dr. Trottimus Walrusface, djh3max and alsmiffy – and not all of it at the hands of the enemy…

As ever undaunted by the fearsome possibilities within The Marble Palace, our (mostly) fearless heroes pull out their shiniest armour and weapons, dust off a crate or three of TNT, and plunge into a nightmarish scenario. Will they gain the upper hand, or be bested?

This is a cracking end to the Forsaken Lands series, and definitely worth watching. The camaraderie that the HatVenturers have is wonderful, and has shone through in every episode. It’s truly a delight to watch the trio play. What really adds to this “Let’s Play” series – and something I’ve not previously mentioned (sorry!) – is the use of multiple cameras and picture-in-picture, so you get more than one view of the action. And on a personal note, their gentlemanly “Good day” sign-off, complete with repeated sneak-crouching, cracks me up every time I see it 🙂

Going into this video, I was disappointed that it was the finale, because as my previous blog posts have hopefully illustrated, I’ve been really carried along, and greatly entertained, by their adventures. But my disappointment was rapidly abated when they announced in the video that there would be more HatVentures! Their next adventure is planned to take place in the utterly massive Skylands map, and I frankly can’t wait 🙂

But that’s not all – HAT Films is planning to have its own public server, so you might also get the chance to play along with the trio! More news as and when it happens…

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