My New Skin…

Playing incessantly on the Minecrap SMP server, I was becoming increasingly self-conscious about how poor my miner’s skin looked compared to the other players, such as alefnull and Teddanator (and yes, I’ll admit to some envy as well). So when it all became too much for me, I plunged into MCSkinEdit and got to work.

But it wasn’t as easy as I thought: I’d wanted to create the Minecraft Scribe Quill logo, but at such a low resolution, it looked absolutely terrible – my 1984 self, who was content to make blocky graphics on 8-bit machines, would have been more tolerant, I suspect. Well, after much chopping and changing, I decided to settle on a Pac-Man skin, though I wasn’t happy about it:

Pac-Man Skin

(With the front-third-person view gone, I had to use the inventory screen to get the front view. There are also dots down the sides of the T-shirt, but you can’t see those too often.)

I also decided to remove the glasses from the face itself, and move them to the “floating” section, which seems to make them look super-nerdy… 😛

Still convinced that I could have come up with something much better if I’d only given myself more time and patience, I ventured back onto the Minecrap server – and was pleasantly surprised by the number of compliments I received! (The comments included “pacman skin ftw”, which was wonderful :)) So now I feel a lot better about the new skin – and additional compliments from players on The Shaftlands certainly helped 🙂 Thanks to everyone who said nice things about it!

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One Response to My New Skin…

  1. Thefre says:

    Now you can join the ranks of people who have chibi versions of their MC char drawn by me! Send me the skin file if you want one.


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