Tourist Season in Minecraft!

It seems that tourist season is under way in Minecraft! Two videos, by some of my favourite Minecraft “names”, premiered on YouTube this week, giving us a look at the architectural ingenuity and beauty of the Minecraft community’s countless creations.

I’m not any sort of architect myself, although my wood-and-wool “BitBurger” went down rather well last night on the Minecrap server… But I can appreciate the creativity and dedication of other Minecrafters, so these videos offer a wonderful opportunity to see what’s out there.


HatVentures! Special – MinecraftWB Server Tour with WelshPixie!
First up, those fine gentlemen from HAT Films team up with Minecraft Workbench’s WelshPixie for a guided, audio-visual tour of the MCWB server in a HatVentures! special. There’s a lot of use of the words “awesome” and “epic” during the video, and it’s really not surprising: there’s some phenomenal artwork on the server!

I was particularly blown away by the Oriental Feudal Village, seven minutes into the video, replete with a gigantic dragon (like WelshPixie, I love dragons). The most amazing aspect of the OFV is that the housing within the village was created by a builder who hadn’t achieved Master Builder status at the time – which means that they had to mine and farm every material, rather than spawning it for themselves. Little wonder they’re a Master Builder now!

The HatVenturers and WelshPixie keep it funny and entertaining, even though there’s not the usual destructive hijinks you’d see in the main HatVentures! series – because these boys were brought up nicely, and were taught to only grief in their own gardens 😉 Naturally, however, they do leave their creative mark on the server, and once the time-lapse sequence is over, there’s certainly no mistaking who built the three HatVenturers’ heads…

A little bonus clip at the end sees the HatVenturers back in The Forsaken Lands, adding a few Minecrafters’ names to their Cookie of Win – and mention is made of a certain blogger… 🙂


BlockTourist Episode 0001 – The Shaftlands
Bob Mills’ greatly anticipated series, Block Tourist, gets underway rather nicely with a tour of The Shaftlands, The Shaft’s very own SMP server. Unlike the HatVenturers, however, Bob goes it (mostly) alone on his tour of The Shaftlanders’ creations – and gets himself into a little difficulty on more than one occasion, as illustrated by a couple of outtakes at the end of the video!

The Shaftlands server is simply packed out with a huge range of structures, and there’s no reasonable way that Bob could properly do justice to the server’s creations in a 15-minute episode. Fortunately, Bob points out during the video that he’ll be paying several visits to The Shaftands, so anyone who isn’t a member of the server (myself included) will have the chance to see more of the amazing work of The Shaftlanders.

I had high hopes for Block Tourist, ever since Bob announced it on The Shaft, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed – Bob’s strong production standards come to the fore once again, and it makes for a very entertaining series debut. I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing more of Bob’s virtual travelogues over the coming months!

[Note: If any SMP server owners would be interested in having Bob take a tour of their server, Bob’s helpfully provided Block Tourist Episode 00, which has more details of what you need to know.]

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