The Story of Mojang – featuring the community…

As most, if not all, of you will be aware, the Kickstarter project to make a feature-length documentary about Notch and Mojang already has pledges to nearly 90% of the total cost, and there’s still a little under three weeks to go!

What you may not be aware of is the tweet I sent 2 Player Productions earlier on Saturday, with a question:

@2PProductions So will the Notch/Mojang doc also feature some of the community, e.g. @TheShaftPodcast?

Three hours later…

@AstragaliUSA yes

Now, while there was no actual discussion about possible candidates to appear in the film (I didn’t want to bother the nice people too much), the fact that 2PP is going to be widening the focus to the community and fans of Minecraft is great news!

Off the top of my head (so no offence intended to anyone out there), if I was looking around the Minecraft community for 2 Player Productions, the first four choices I’d make are

  • X, since he was one of the first to heighten awareness about the game;
  • The Shaft Podcast, being (IMHO) the primary podcast for Minecrafters around the world;
  • BitBurner and PaulSoaresJr, because they got their families involved with Minecraft;
  • MinecraftChick, as she bravely took on a game with very little previous gaming experience.

Whoever 2PP features in The Story of Mojang, it’ll be great to see members of the community sharing their experiences!

If you had a say in the decision process, who would you choose to appear in the film? Let us know in the comments!

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