I'll never be a Minecraft Engineer… *sigh*

Every evil genius needs an Igor, right? Well, Bob Mills may not be evil (I’ve not seen his resume), but he’s certainly a genius when it comes to designing contraptions in Minecraft to gather up the goodies that mobs have to offer. And I made an unsolicited application to become his Igor; I’ve got the voice down and everything (including the lithp), but I’ve got a long way to go before I could be the one shambling around Bob’s laboratory, throwing the switches and fetching the brains for him…

Episode 13 of mmillss in Minecraft, “Spider Mill“, sees Bob demonstrating a very effective way of harvesting string from spiders. Those beastly arachnids may now be able to climb walls (thanks a bunch, @jeb_), but their brain-power doesn’t match up to Bob’s. As always, his tutorial is detailed, while still entertaining, and it’s definitely worth a watch for that alone.

So where does this Igor-wannabe come in? (Through the side door – the one with the creaky hinges.) Well, when Bob appeared on Episode 21 of The Shaft, he reported on his efforts to use redstone torches to control spawning. Those efforts were unsuccessful (evil geniuses aren’t infallible), but it got me to wondering if there was a substitute, so that Doctor von Mills could safely control spawning when Igor has his statutory days off.

I did a lot of arithmetic (it hardly qualified as outright math), a lot of building (after hacking the inventory purely for speed purposes), and the result was the Glowstone Monstrosity – which Bob very kindly tested. His recording of him testing the beast was featured as a cut-scene while he demolished the set for his upcoming Block Tourist trailer. And Geriatric Indiana Jones helps out, too – watch the video to see what I mean!

Funny thing is, when I sent Bob the world file, he made some assumptions about what I’d done (before he’d seen it) which were far more elegant than the method I’d actually arrived at! And his “assumed system” used a heck of a lot less glowstone, too…

Still, though the Glowstone Monstrosity may be utterly impractical, (if not necessarily completely useless), if it provided Bob with inspiration to build a better mousetrap (as it were), then I’m happy. And since it gave him a lot of amusement, too, perhaps he’ll keep my application on file. Do mad scientists need jesters, by any chance?


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One Response to I'll never be a Minecraft Engineer… *sigh*

  1. Proform Pete says:

    Ha! I never realized that spiders could climb walls! That explains why they’re always up on top of my house in the morning.


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