This week, I have mostly been playing SMP…

I’ve not visited my usual Minecraft world all week to do any actual playing there. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve not given up on the game (that would be unfortunate, considering I’ve only just started this blog!) – but instead, I’ve been going to play on the Minecrap server, in multiplayer…

Now, as previously mentioned, I’ve been on BitBurner’s Survival Multiplayer server before, and had a great time, despite being a long-time player of Peaceful. But on Monday, hojjoshMC tweeted that he was going to be streaming, so I decided to head over there for something to do, even if I didn’t necessarily get the chance to hang out with him and his other friends (some of whom we actually do share – it’s not just me being a stalker…).

In my previous visit, I’d been wandering around the server’s world, admiring the structures that the existing players had created, and generally leading a nomadic lifestyle. But now I wanted to settle down, especially since BitBurner had finished updating the server so that chests were protected again.

(Speaking of which: BB, I owe you a diamond pick, dude – I didn’t realise the ones in the chest at the Spleef Arena weren’t for public use! *cringe*)

After much wandering around, I found a decent-sized area of sea, and decided I’d build another “upside-down island”, like the one in Peaceful World (yay for world renaming!), but this time in sandstone. Cue the digging of literally thousands of blocks of sand…

As I was hacking my way through the dunes on the mainland, I began to see one of the reasons for SMP’s appeal, compared to single-player: I wasn’t alone. Even if I wasn’t actually helping out on a building project (building my new home was very much a one-man operation), seeing the chat messages flow by, often thick and fast, helps to dispel the sense of loneliness I sometimes get when in single-player, especially in the wee small hours when I’m usually on (though I always have TweetDeck running in the background anyway).

Then, to cap it all, at about 10pm Eastern, who should jump on the server but The Shaft‘s Wes Wilson! 🙂 It was like a visit from Minecraft royalty – and he even laughed at some of the things I said in chat, which was wonderful… Mind you, Minecraft celebs are rather more accessible, I feel, than their Hollywood counterparts.

What I didn’t realise, in the time that hojjoshMC and Wes were online, hojjoshMC was putting together a video for a parody of Ke$ha’s TiKToK (“Poop Block“), and Wes and several others appeared in it! And many, many blocks away from the actual fun and frivolity, I was toiling away through the sand dunes, with not even a mirage to break the monotony. I was quite jealous when I found out. Still, it should give Wes a little something extra to talk about on Sunday’s show 🙂

I ended up spending six hours on the server, building The House of Astragali. And when night was allowed to fall (the mods can set the time of day to whatever they like), I’d go beachcombing in the morning, and collect the feathers, bones and arrows which had dropped from the undead. I even killed a few spiders during the daytime (yes, I wanted the upper hand!), so now I have a bow and two fishing rods (to exploit the infinite uses glitch).

I went back to the Minecrap server every day since – on Thursday and Friday, I even expanded the house’s dimensions – back to digging up sand again! And earlier in the week, bluenokkad very kindly gave me a tour of his awesome buildings and subway system (thank you). A heck of a lot of work (and blocks and rails) went into that…

Of course, to you SMP veterans, my experiences will be pretty much old hat by now. And the guys over at The Shaft almost play nothing but SMP when they log in to Minecraft. But for me, it was another one of those situations where I had to be there to get a proper sense of what fun it can be, and I’m very glad that BitBurner allowed me to be a part of that fun. Thank you again, BB!

I’m still not brave enough to venture into caves, though, so the diamond pick I owe BitBurner may be a long time coming… But I’ll definitely be paying more visits to the Minecrap server, as it makes such a refreshing change to single-player.

Oh, here’s my house:

Expanded House of Astragali

My humble-ish sandstone abode.


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3 Responses to This week, I have mostly been playing SMP…

  1. Nice! I haven’t really been on the minecrap server since I’ve been occupied with other projects. Also, I have no clue where my house is now since it seems everyone lost their /home and was sent back to spawn after the server change. It seems I’ll have to rebuild, which is not particularly bothersome, just need to make time for it.

    What time are you usually on? I’ll try to drop by sometime so we can hang out.


  2. alefnull says:

    glad you’re having such a good time 🙂


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