Minecraft Craftiness with Madmommy!

Avid Minecrafter and real-life crafter Madmommy brought her skills to bear when her five-year-old son wanted to join in the Minecrafting fun. He’s presently too young to play the game on a computer, so she hunted for an alternative, found Minecraft Papercraft at Barking Dog Interactive, and got to work.

But when Madmommy found that the attentions of a five-year-old caused those paper cubes to wear out faster than a wooden pickaxe, so she needed a more durable solution. And not only did she come up with one, she very generously shared it with the Minecraft community at large with the debut episode of her new series, Minecraft Craftiness.

Madmommy’s nine-and-a-half-minute video clearly and concisely explains the whole process, from the origin, through the Papercraft version, right through to the finished product, while still being fun. Madmommy’s clearly a natural at this sort of presentation, and I’m inclined to suspect that she’s done professional-level presentation before! A very friendly, engaging style of delivery, which makes a wonderful change from the swathe of stilted, nervous voiceovers plaguing YouTube.

(Note: While I was writing this up, I asked Madmommy whether she’d done pro-level presentation before. Turns out she has, in front of very august assemblages.)

Whether you have little ones craving their own Minecraft world, or if you want to make them for your desk (the finished product is beautifully done), I enthusiastically recommend that you check out Episode One of Minecraft Craftiness!

And just in case you’re wondering… yes, I plan to make my own at some point… 🙂

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One Response to Minecraft Craftiness with Madmommy!

  1. Hmmm, if you carve grooves into the blocks like legos has, you could snap them together and have “floating” blocks couldn’t you? Like have trees with full leaves rather than just a 1×1 tree.


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