More Linkages!

I realised today that I’d made a rather egregious error with my post about links: I’d neglected to include Bob Mills in the Friends category! So, here goes:

Bob Mills – site: YouTube channel
I don’t know if Bob would apply the term “Minecraft Engineer” to himself, but I think it would definitely apply! The excellent, informative videos Bob has had so far on his YouTube channel explore some very interesting technical aspects of the game, and those alone are definitely worth a look.

But that’s not all: Not only has Bob created what is rapidly being hailed as the go-to video for getting started in the game, Minecraft Short and Sweet, but a forthcoming series, Block Tourist, will explore the multitude of servers out there on the Interwebs. Rather than throw a lot of details at you here, I’d suggest downloading Episode 21 of The Shaft, in which he is featured as the special guest. The major info about Block Tourist comes up at around 107:00 on the MP3 version – any servers out there who’d like to play host to Bob would be well advised to check it out and get in touch with him!

Since I’m new to the Dead Workers Party podcasts – I’ve never listened to the ones which came out before The Shaft – I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Bob’s long history of collaboration with DWP, as documented in the The Shaft #21. Bob’s got a great sense of humour, too, which comes across nicely in his videos.

(Confession time: As I wrote this post, I discovered that I hadn’t subscribed to him on YouTube! That’s now fixed, Bob, I promise :D)

Next, a YouTube collection to which I’ve only just been introduced, but it’s already got me addicted:

HAT Films (formerly HaatFilms) have been around on YouTube since 2009, producing all manner of comedy videos. Now, the trio of lads from Somerset, England have turned their attention to Minecraft, and the result is a series of hilarious “Let’s Play” videos, Hatventures! Follow Djh3max, Trottimus and alsmiffy as they lay waste to the numerous dungeons and denizens of Minecraft, sometimes winding up, as they put it, “knee deep in dunge”…

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