CAPRICE – possibly the world's first meat-powered pseudo-random number generator!

I have an absolute ton of redstone taking up storage space in a chest, and I was wanting to have a go at making something simple out of redstone, so I that I could learn redstone circuitry. The result, aside from lots of confusion and headaches, was CAPRICE – Completely Automated Pseudo-Random Incident Chance Enumerator (yep, it’s totally a backronym).

Enter the chamber of CAPRICE…
(note: click the images to see them at full size)

… and step on the plate in the centre. If you’re intend to play by the rules, stay there until you receive your boon!

Basically, it’s just a bunch of pressure plates wired to one of three possible input wires…

… which are then added up to get a value from 0 to 3 (many thanks to Thefre ThiefKnight for correcting my horrendous logic errors!), and the result determines whether you’ll get cake, a gold ingot, redstone or an arrow shot at you. Speaking of which, make sure there are animals or mobs in the pressure-plate area, otherwise you’re going to be Minecraft’s equivalent of a porcupine!

I’ve got the file stored at Google Docs (and I virus-checked it, too), so feel free to take a look! It’s nothing sophisticated, and it’s just a bit of fun (couldn’t you tell from the name?)

Note: When I set up the Zip file, I changed the folder’s name to be WorldX, so it won’t mess with your existing save files.

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4 Responses to CAPRICE – possibly the world's first meat-powered pseudo-random number generator!

  1. Ernie T says:

    wow that is really cool.


  2. Thefre says:

    If you change the parts that requires animals to various clocks, you can get a true automated system without the need for other living beings to randomly wander around.


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