Before the blog…

After more fiddling around with the blog settings, I’ve added in links to the things I made before starting this blog; my intent for future creations is that they’ll be placed right here at The Minecraft Scribe. How well that turns out is a matter of time.

Anyway, in case you’ve not seen any of my offerings before, here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve got, and the links themselves are off to the side, in case you feel like perusing.

Cartoon #1 – The Problem with Poop Blocks
You can’t keep a good thing down. Ever since poop blocks were mentioned on The Shaft, Eric, Wes and Brent just keep on coming back to ’em. But if you’re going to have them, you’ve got to figure out how to craft them…

Cartoon #2 – Be Careful What You Wish For
This was just some random weirdness I decided to come up with. I had to cheat a little, though, because the lower block of the drinks machine was a type that uses the same texture on all sides, making it look ridiculous! So instead, I positioned the camera so my miner’s head was in the way. There – illusion ruined 🙂

Cartoon #3 – Wes’ Squid Hat
Wes Wilson had jokingly stated, during an episode of The Shaft, that there should be squid hats. I tried to figure out how I’d get a squid on a player’s head within the game, gave up, and just twisted the situation for humorous purposes…

Effective Obsidian Gathering in Minecraft Alpha
I’d quickly become bored with making an obsidian farm, and I wanted to plunder the huge lava lakes I’d uncovered in the depths of my mines. But at the time, the Minecraft Wiki said it was difficult to mine because of lava underneath. I figured out the two-block-deep trench method independently of (and long after) the community at Minecraft Forums. But after making a mistake, I hit on the one-block-deep method, and so created this illustrated guide. BitBurner kindly linked to it on Minecrap, and The Shaft featured it in their Resources section!

Stairway to Bedrock
A Twitter comment by Wes Wilson (@WesWilson) of The Shaft podcast inspired this parody of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. Perhaps luckily for the Minecraft community, I chose not to record the thing – you’ll just find the lyrics here.

The Meeting Mine
A short fanfic, featuring some of the Minecraft community’s prominent people. If you read it, please don’t spoil the ending!

Minecraft on Flickr
My Minecraft photoset, and I’ll be continuing to add to this, and linking to it from the blog. Here, you’ll find screengrabs of my adventures in the game, along with some of my creations (though I’m no architect on the grand scale of some of you in the Minecraft community). Plus, there’s also a Minecraft-esque picture from real life…


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