Beds, part 2

In the comments to And so to bed, it seems…, WelshPixie passed on a comment from her boyfriend Jaco, which gave me pause to ponder:

I’m looking forward to it. Jaco raised a good point – does the world ‘continue’ around you when you’re sleeping? If you build an open-air bunk, do you run the risk of getting blown up by a creeper? ^.^

Hmm. Well, I’m not averse to wild speculation (Mojang Specifications do make that speculation fun, don’t they? :)), and Jaco’s definitely given me an excuse to do so… I’ve usually found my speculations turn out wrong, but it hasn’t stopped me yet!

(A quick thought, though: why would anyone be mad enough to build a bed in the open air? That’s taking destruct-testing a little too far, methinks…)

So there seems to be two ways it could go (if anyone thinks of more, please speak up in the comments):

  • Instant: Clock reset to morning, health reset to full, no world simulation;
  • Fast-forward: An extended version of the “Simulating for a bit” that we see whenever we enter a world, or switch between top-side and Nether-side, with health reset if we’re not attacked in the night. The clock runs the remaining time to morning.

I think, if I were in Notch’s shoes, I’d go with the fast-forward method, running the simulation. It’s more… devious:

  • You’re underground, and you make yourself an impromptu shelter with a bed. But the length of simulation’s going to vary – if you’re without a watch, you could be going to bed just before the sun comes up…
  • Or, as Jaco pointed out, monsters in close proximity could attack you – and let’s face it, with some of those meanies, your bed wouldn’t have to be out in the open. Though it’d have to be right up against the wall.

Ugh. My bed’s up against the wall in real life. Thank goodness we don’t have Minecraft-type monsters in the real world… I’d be too scared to use the bed again, in case I woke up dead.

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