Almost a convert?

Tonight, I was pootling around on my computer before taking my usual post-work nap (usually sleeping for a couple of hours, and then I’m up until 5am – longer if I’m off work the next day), and I was getting a little sleepy. Then, BitBurner announced on Twitter that he was performing a stress test on a new server over at Minecrap, and he needed players to put it through its paces. I’d been wanting to play multi-player for a while, and so I hopped over there to have a look and play.

Here’s the thing – On single-player, I play on Peaceful. I’ve probably got hardcore Minecrafters up in arms right now. Quick explanation: I’m jumpy in real life, hadn’t paid attention to Minecraft being mainly first-person, and yelped when first attacked by a zombie – at 3.30am, in a shared building, with paper-thin walls. It also didn’t help that this is the view I get when I go into the hallway of my building. I did try a couple of times more, but after that, I went to Peaceful and stayed there. As one player said, Peaceful is in the game, so deal with it.

But I’d been starting to get a little bored with Peaceful mode, and some of the resources I wanted are only available if you have mobs turned on. Personally, I don’t think that’s fair (it’s almost like having premium content), but my suggestion on GetSatisfaction to have that changed was met with condemnation by the GS community.

BitBurner’s test gave me the chance to have another go, so I dived in. The first time I died, I’d been cowering in a covered-over pit all night, with half a heart of health and no food. One hit from a spider did it. But it didn’t stop me.

Things went better for me after the respawn. Given that much of the chat consisted of complaints about griefing and stealing, I chose instead to lead a nomadic lifestyle, sort of like PaulSoaresJr in his Man vs Minecraft series, but with no self-imposed rules like he has. I didn’t dig down very far anyway; I was more interested in trying to kill enough spiders to get me a bow. And I got one, too.

I certainly wasn’t sleepy any more. I was exhilarated – and also flippin’ scared at times (I did yelp out at one point, but it was much earlier than 3.30am, so I didn’t care so much). As regular multiplayers will know by now, the mobs are faster and more powerful than in single-player, and I came within two or three hearts of losing everything. But at least I was wearing armour: leather helmet, chestplate and boots, and iron pants. Oh, yeah – I looked classy 🙂 It’s also a wonder the mobs didn’t hear me clanking over the landscape.

I stopped playing after a couple of hours, partly from wanting to blog about it, but also because I wanted to get my pulse-rate back down again… It was intense, and I loved every heart-pounding moment (even when I was frantically trying to dig down into the ground, because I was low on arrows, with creepers nearby). But I was also adventuring outside, rather than down in caves, so I just switched to third-person until I saw a mob, back to first-person to kill it, and then switch back. That’s not really the sort of thing you can easily do in caves, so I’m still torn.

I think a decent compromise is to start a new world for purposes of playing with mobs, and play that during the day and early evening. Then, I can keep the current world I’m doing for playing Peaceful, for those times when I’m playing in the dead of night, or I just want to get down from the adrenaline rush.

Before I close this post, I’d like to say a special thank-you to BitBurner, for giving us all the chance to come to his server… I had a blast! (and not just creeper blasts, either :))

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5 Responses to Almost a convert?

  1. Sara Childs says:

    The first time my hubby and I played on our minecraft server set-up, we didn’t realize that the baddies would be on. Even with our settings to Peaceful, that makes no difference when you log onto multiplayer. Needless to say, we were VERY surprised, but have since learned that I am a creeper magnet, and don’t build nice front doors.

    I like peaceful mode when I’m building stuff, but since I play a lot more multi-player now, I’m getting used to the baddies.

    BTW, don’t you just hate the incessant “he stole my (fill in the blank)” conversations? As a teacher-in-training, I want to put the whole bunch in time-out 🙂


  2. Thefre says:

    My friend Nitorin and I went off somewhere and built a small base into a cave I accidentally dug into. We ended up finding a skeleton spawner close by so I built a mob trap for it. There’s also a pretty good sized cave system to explore. Kind of a shame that it’s a temporary map, but it was still lots of fun. Hope you can join us next time.

    Also, I’ve noticed that I have an extraordinarily easy time ignoring the chat. I tend to just ignore it when so many people are talking at once. I’d like the ability to have more private channels and such, like party chat or something. Also, the ability to turn off certain chat channels.


  3. WelshPixie says:

    “I want to put the whole bunch in time-out”

    I know how you feel; being an admin on the MCWB server when there’s 60 people on is very much like teaching kindergarden :p Minecraft certainly brings out the possessive-territorial in folk. “He built near my house! – This is MY LAND! – He dug into my cave!” Etc.


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