Ooh, I forgot…

There are a couple of Minecrafters I’d like to thank (or at least, hold responsible πŸ˜‰ ) for finally convincing me to do a Minecraft blog.

First up is BitBurner, of the wonderful Minecrap site. Although I had been debating the possibility of doing a blog, I was still reluctant, but he made a very good argument: I was placing my Minecraft output here, there and everywhere, and it would be better, he said, to have a single repository for it all. That did it for me.

And the other person I’d like to thank is EFX’s very own WelshPixie (who also just happens to be an admin at Minecraft Workbench), who stepped up to the plate and offered this site’s services. She’s been totally patient with this blogging noob, though her patience may be sorely tested in the days and weeks to come!

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